Saturday, August 10, 2013

Epson photo workshop

I've been playing with photos the whole evening (we went to a party today - more on that later) so have no inclination to write a lot.

Instead, let me share some of the photos I took three weeks ago at the epson photo workshop.

Also, I can't WAIT to review their photo printer as I have tons of photos ready to print!
  1. babies' party brag book
  2. plett photos
  3. "weird" photos - doors, leaves and such...
and these are just the folders that are ready!

Jeanette taught the workshop as I mentioned before and we had two sessions of "playing" outside with our kids, taking photos.

I didn't love any of the photos of my kids but these are probably the best.

I do like the reflection in the mug

someone else's kid
I do love this photo!

this one is my favourite of the day!
And my favourite of Connor - he was dancing and I happened to catch him in action!
Do you have a favourite? How was your Saturday?

This morning all 4 of us went to gym (!) - 3 of us just went to have breakfast there (guess which 3) and 1 of us actually went to work out :)


  1. My guess D worked out while Marcia and the kids enjoyed breakfast!

    My favourite pics K and C looking like models in the pictures of them one after the other pictures 7&8 and C caught in dance action.

    Saturday was bliss- sleep, eat, TV and more sleep

  2. There are so many beautiful photos I could never just pick one. I think you are far to hard on yourself where your photos are concerned.

  3. Argh I have seen the tweets about that printer! So sad I missed the event :( I have so many scrap booking photos to print!

    I think they came out lovely!!

    Our saturday was great :)


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