Friday, August 16, 2013

{Friendship Friday} Lunch with Louisa

I kind-of forced Louisa to have lunch out of the office on her birthday (last Wed) because who knows how long I'll be working in the CBD, right?

(that's me being positive)

The cool thing is Louisa is a blog friendship gone real life! She was blogging, I was blogging and I happened upon her blog, read a bit and liked her. Tried leaving a comment but being wordpress, it hated me and would swallow my comments.

Clicked away and a few months later, same thing happened with the commenting. Thought, "I really like this person. I'm sure we would get along well"  so I played detective on her blog, found her contact and mailed her to tell her my comments were being eaten.

She was very nice, fixed it and then I was comment-happy again.

And that's how it started... in 2010.

She and I were reading and commenting on each other's blogs and Louisa finally suggested we get together. Months later, a Bambanani breakfast happened (my child-friendly place of choice because I fancy myself a Melville person - ex-Rhodes hippy....) and that was it.


One thing about Louisa... she's always game for anything, makes a lot of effort which I appreciate so much and never flakes :)

Louisa, I'm so glad we're friends. Thank you also for all our impromptu lunch dates over the last few months.

she had a moment of dizziness at lunch. This was not it but she very kindly re-enacted the moment for me :)
blur thanks to David, the waiter :) This was the best of 4
above my seat
and diagonally opposite
another angle
my drink of choice :)
It's nearly spring so no more excuses about the weather!

Who haven't you seen enough of this year? My challenge to you... make a date within the next 2 days.

PS Robyn R, when are we going to do Bambanani?
PPS It's Madonna's birthday today. What's your favourite Madonna song? Mine is Crazy for you :)


  1. LOVED reading about how you two connected. And I like the pic of Louisa re-enacting her dizzy spell for you!
    My FAVE Madonna songs = Like a Prayer, This used to be my playground, Frozen, Vogue,Papa don't preach . I really can't only choose one - am a HUGE fan.

  2. TRUE BLUE! I used to LOVE Madonna when I was growing up. But I just happened upon Papa Don't Preach on the radio a couple of days and I had to turn the channel...having girls now, it hits way too close to home! Hahaha!

    That lunch looks wonderful, and what a great story of the beginning of your friendship. :)

    I've got to make a date to see K soon -- she's leaving for a fantastical European vacation in a few days, and it's been too long already.

  3. Non bloggers never under how you meet someone via the web and become friends IRL. Louisa is too funny. Nice picture of you two. My favourite Madonna dong is "take a bow". Have a nice weekend

  4. Think that waiter needs some camera wielding tips ;)
    Looks like it was just what you both needed!

  5. Instantly flash back to that poor waiter who must have thought we were crazy in NC!

    Louisa does seem like she'd be amazing. I should really get together with my BF, we haven't spoken in a month! Unheard of!

    As for dear Lady Madge, I'm not much of a fan :\ She's too much of a performer and not enough of a musician for me.

  6. That is the nicest thing about blogging...the people we meet!

  7. say the nicest things! :-)

    Seriously, you make it easy to get together because you always arrange it (I fail miserably at that).

    Thanks for coming to lunch with me, and my gorgeous gift.

    My favourite madonna songs are pappa don't preach and die another die (from the bond movie).

  8. I don't think I will EVER EVER go to Bambanani or Melville EVER again! The lack of parking there is stupidly ridiculous! I had a PR thing there last week and drove around for 20 minutes looking for parking! I was SO annoyed! LOL I am all about ease of getting in and out!

    I am making more of an effort to see my friends more regularly! I don't see my friend Tash enough. She stays in Harties and works most weekends so it is a challenge!

  9. I have already made 2 dates - now waiting for replies ;)
    I like Bambanani as well. My daughter loved it there last time. Think our son will too.
    Yes, Louisa is always game for get togethers. Glad you two had a great time.

  10. DATE TIME SEE YOU THERE!! :) Will mail you xxx

  11. Oh Frozen - totally love that song!
    Great you guys get to see so much of each other.


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