Thursday, August 08, 2013

I am SO ready for this weekend

I don't know about you but when I have to get up early (for me) for weeks on end, I look forward to sleeping in.

And that's exactly what I plan to do on ALL three days this weekend.

Isn't the light beautiful in this set of photos?

Kendra was a little bit sick about a month ago. When I got home from work, I sneaked into their bedroom, saw this beautiful child and had to take a few photos.

Tomorrow we have friends over for breakfast (the table is set with all the stuff already - this is what I missed about a party over here), on Saturday we have an afternoon party and of course church on Sunday.

That's it :)


I have big plans:
  1. to do 4 posts on Plett plus 1 wrap-up Plett post here
  2. finish my Marian Keyes
  3. finish another Erin Kaye
  4. budget for my bonus (yes, we got letters today and I got a nice bonus, certainly more than I was expecting so am happy, happy, happy) after paying my tithe, of course. I'm thinking a nice holiday of course...
  5. choose the Plett photos for my photo album
  6. get D to assemble my bar stool so I can post all these photo posts from the one place in the house with fast internet 
  7. Chase the babies around the garden for some nice photos
What do you have planned for this weekend?

PS it's National Women's Day in South Africa tomorrow :) We love our public holidays!!!
PPS still no news... and I was too chicken to email. I checked if they'd asked for my assessment scores and they had so I feel a bit better. Also I had TONS of work. I only left at 4.50. That's sacrilege for a "weekend" at my company


  1. 4:50! That's heaven in my world any day!!! That's great news on the bonus, I see it as a gentle pat on the back despite your work situation.

    Weekend see some friends, do some shopping, get some exercise, catch up on TV and get some much needed rest.

    Enjoy the long weekend

  2. Oh isn't she just too precious. So happy for you regarding the bonus ;-)

  3. It's 13:20 and I am STILL in bed after a glorious lie-in. And the sun is shining outside despite the fact that we have snow on our mountains. My only plans this weekend are to read, knit, catch up with laundry, tidy up and rest. And I'm swimming on Sunday. I love this set of pics and how awesome for your bonus!

  4. Such gorgeous pics. Sleeping children are my best!

  5. Love, love precious sleeping K! I love her bedding, many bright colors.

    Lazy, no-plans weekends are my favorite, especially after a busy period. We are going to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Two baseball games and a night in a swanky hotel! : )

  6. Yay for bonuses! :-) Planning a holiday with that is a brilliant idea.

    I'm going to do a big "what did I do this weekend" post on Sunday...with actual relevant photos and everything. ;-)


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