Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My food love language is "apple"

I often joke and say my love language is apple but it's true - I love, love, LOVE anything with apples.

Apples are my favourite fruits and I always have at least one in my bag.One day when I'm bored (HA!) I'll go through my pics and find pics of my hand with an apple in it. I can think of PLENTY!


So, of course, I love apple anything in a recipe. YUMMY!

Two months ago (I started writing a few weeks ago and then calculated and it's actually two months... gee, time flies), I went to a friend's for lunch and then I had another supper plan with other friends.

We had our lunch (late) and I started making moves to leave until one of my friend's other friends said, "but wait, you need to taste my apple tart" and of course, I screeched to a stop.

I had to leave so I got my piece to take away and when I eventually had it, OH MY WORD, so delicious.

The next day I contacted the lady and begged (!) for the recipe. She must think I'm mad but know this, if I have anything super delicious at your house, I will beg for the recipe, ok?

I still haven't made this myself but I've been handing out the recipe to all and sundry because it was just that good.

My colleague (the ISTP from yesterday's post) made this and also now can't stop raving (in an introverted fashion :)) about it.


What is your food love language? 

PS of course I also say that when God put cinnamon with apples, oh, man, heaven right there! :)

Quick flop-proof apple pie

1 tin pie apples (small.410g)
150ml milk
150ml cake flour
150ml castor sugar
2 teaspoons oil
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 round pie plate

Spray pie plate with spray & cook (Pam for the Americans)
Put pie apples in pie plate and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Place all dry ingredients in bowl.  (cake flour;castor sugar;baking powder)
Mix together milk & oil.
Make a well in dry ingredients and mix in milk & oil.Pour over pie apples and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Bake in a preheated oven = 180C (the lady didn't specify how long it had to bake. I'd say probably around 30 minutes but stay in your kitchen and organise while this is baking)
Serve hot with fresh whipped cream (I don't eat cream - delicious just as is)


PPS The italics are my contribution!


  1. Although I really am no lover of apples just as is, apple pie is a totally different matter. I completely adore apple pie! Am so going to make this one too

  2. Did you see my butterscotch apple cake recipe! It is amazing!!

    I think mine is probably peanut brittle!!!

  3. I can't love anyone's apple anything as much as I adore my mom's apple crumble. Yumm!

  4. My love language is vanilla! I'm getting ready to make an apple vanilla butter.

  5. I have apples about twice a week only. I like them too but not as much as you do because they cause me to bloat. I don’t particularly welcome the associated flatulence either!
    BTW…could too many apples have something to do with that other thing that you struggle with? Maybe something to monitor and check?

    I have MANY food love languages. I have to say my main food love language = potatoes. Roasted, mashed, crisped or wedged. And fancy breads like panini or ciabatta or kitke or any of those nice ones that they sell at Woollies or Checkers. Oh gosh. Apples don’t even come close to THAT heaven. And now that I’m keeping them for weekend treats it’s even MORE decadent. Sjoe. My mouth is watering now.

  6. Im not a big apple fan but I love apple crumble on the odd occasion. Y likes crunchy apples just not Granny Smith and has one or two virtually everyday. I wonder if I have a food love language! Oh I know at the moment it's my mom's specially cooked spinach

  7. I love apple pie... will give this one to Bto try out.

  8. Lately I've been eating at least one of those jarred salads each day. I'm also addicted to sourdough pretzels, they seem to keep my stomach settled since the surgery.


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