Thursday, August 15, 2013

Plett - best of... edition

best beach pic of Connor and me

I saw this type of holiday post on a blog I follow, and I thought it was a really nice way to get a quick summary of the holiday without a boring play-by-play like in those other posts.

I'm generally not a fan of the "on this day we did this" post even though I would write those posts simply to record the memories before my too-full brain throws some information out.

best photo of us - I love it!

Best things about the trip
  • Renting my work colleague's (obviously from the old team!) holiday home which is STUNNING...
  • That also meant I simply left food behind for her. Normally we'd have to try and finish everything or throw things out. So convenient.
  • Underfloor heating
  • The beach and the beach photos
  • A dishwasher
  • Spending time together with my family and seeing the cousins together. Having my kids spend time with my mother.
  • My mother doing Kendra's hair in the mornings (I mostly hate doing hair so it's a treat!)
  • Finishing three books
  • Taking beautiful photos
best photo of D and the kids

Worst things about the trip
  • Having to herd my family along. Every time we're with my family, D says "no wonder you're like you are" (that's a compliment) because they're all unstructured, disorganised, etc....
  • Finding the restaurant we were planning to go to closed!
  • The rental car breaking down
  • Still not having our money back
cutest grumpy pic

Best place to eat
Thyme and Again - about 5 kms outside Plett - awesome play area for children and DELICIOUS food. We all had pies and chips/ salad

best set of photos of Connor and me

Most overrated place to eat
The we had pizza and pasta - wasn't fantastic, just okay

Best free activity
Running around on the beach and picking up sticks and shells (them); me taking photos :)

best photo of a happy K with Daddy

Best activity for adults and kids
Plett Puzzle Park

best photo of K and Mummy

Best unexpected surprise
One morning while once again waiting for my sister's family to arrive, we switched on the TV and found The Apprentice (we don't have any pay TV so hadn't seen The Apprentice for over 5 years yet... we love it)

best beach pic of K and me
Worst unexpected surprise
Connor fell down the stairs in the house! I heard thump-thump-thump.... no sound... WAAAAAAHHHHHHH and I FLEW down the passage and down the stairs.

He was very cute after that - "please hold my hand, Mummy" when normally he's Mr Independent :)

spied with the zoom lens - cutest pic of Connor

Would we do it again?
ABSOLUTELY! But this time, I already told K, it'll be at least a week :)

best family pic

best pic of Daddy and Connor at the beach
Did you enjoy reading this post?

I enjoyed writing it more than I thought I would :)


  1. lesley8:47 pm

    love the way you broke the holiday down into categories and 'best of' pic's, very cool idea. I love the Apprentice too : )

  2. LOVE this post, especially the way it's broken down and of course the beautiful pics!

  3. I actually enjoyed the post very much and the pictures and that you captured the best and worst. Poor Connor, hope he wasn't badly injured. And what (or who) upset K in that grumpy picture!

  4. Loved reading it! Isn't it great to know people with beach houses?! Beach pictures are the best, I'm almost starting to grow tired of all mine.

    S glad C was ok. I watched Emma bounce down when she was tiny, not yet 2, and I think this cat lost a few lives. Scary stuff!

    Lastly, for the cost of round trip air fair I could probably purchase and install both a dishwasher and at least baseboard heaters for you. Just sayin' ;)

  5. Oh I LOVED this post! Just the type I like. And yes, do it again.

  6. Love the post and everything you wrote about Plett. The photos are great :)

  7. Awe...all these photos are so gorgeous. It sounds like you had an overall great experience, depsite a few speed bumps - what more could you ask for from a quick break away?

  8. I love Plett - it is my happy place! LOVE eating and buying stuff from Thyme and Again (our family holiday home is VERY close to T&A - we are literally across the road and down the road...). Would love to know where the house is that you rented? Also next time you absolutely HAVE to go to Enrico's to eat - RIGHT on the beach, BEST food.

    Love the photo's as always!


  9. My extended family are like that - I don't cope well at all when around them for too long!!!

    I also don't enjoy those "today we walked to the shop and then bought a sweet and then walked back" kinda posts!

    Lovely photos from what looks like a great holiday!

  10. I do love the organization of this post!!!

    And my favorite picture is very hard to define, but I think it's the zoom lens C face...adorable!!!!!!!!!

  11. Absolutely stunning pictures, can feel the love for photography in the way you take the pics, the look so natural.

    Love this post :-)

  12. BEST holiday post EVER. I NEED to get to Plett. Like ASAP.

  13. I love your photos. The one of you with your man is so gorgeous.


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