Monday, August 05, 2013

The photo that sums up Plett for me and ...the books read version

I'm not a huge fan of book reviews - both reading them and writing them.

I don't believe most reviews of books because I know I probably won't enjoy it (definitely anything serious :)) and they won't enjoy mine.

There are only two people who have the same taste in books as I do (Helene and Shayne).

That said, I still want to tell you about a few books I loved recently. These all got 4 stars - I only give life-changing books like Motherstyles 5 stars :)

Marian Keyes - Mammy Walsh's A - Z of the Walsh Family
It's a short book but laugh out loud funny. You'll love it especially if you've read her other novels.

Mammy Walsh's A-Z of the Walsh Family (Walsh Family, #6)

Then in an attempt to get 3 things off my 38 things list, I read three authors I haven't read for a LONG time.

Jeffery Deaver - XO

XO (Kathryn Dance, #3)

Sinead Moriarty - This child of mine
I enjoy all Sinead Moriarty's books. ALL!

This Child of Mine

Penelope Trunk - The new american dream
People commented on my FB that she's a nutjob, etc. I personally find her to challenge my thinking a lot and I love that.  I really loved this book!

Erin Kaye - The promise of happiness
A new author to me and I was HOOKED. I've since bought a Kindle copy of this book for a friend, and another two of hers for me. I can't WAIT!

James Patterson - Now you see her
You'll read it in two days even if you work full-time and you have twins :)

Now You See Her

Roisin Meaney - The Daisy Picker
Another new author  - LOVE LOVE LOVE
I bought another one too....

And then... Helene recommended these 2 to me - LOVED them all so here you go (esp you, Shayne :))

Linwood Barclay - Never look away

My D told me that one of these crime writers (I think Jeffery Deaver) said Linwood Barclay is someone they personally enjoy reading. Flip - you will NOT put this down. I read the sample on my kindle, bought the book at like midnight, and carried on reading til 1 that first night!

I haven't bought another yet because I can't afford to read half the night and I know that's what will happen.

Never Look Away: A Thriller

Louise Millar - The Playdate
Again, brilliant!

The Playdate

For my birthday month, I'm going to totally indulge and read all my chick-lit on my kindle and not bother myself with physical books I have to get through :)

What are you reading at the moment? What's on your to-read list?

In other news, while we were on holiday, one morning I was literally on the floor taking pics of these boots.

If I had to choose one pic that sums up the holiday, it would be this one :) Gorgeous house, boots, sea sand....

gorgeous light - oh this house was perfect for photos
Connor sees me on the floor taking pics, nabs his boots and runs off
So I refocus just on these ones...
and then he decided to return and take these too. Caught!


  1. Hooray for recommendations! I really need to read some more Marian Keyes...I haven't in years. And Sinead Moriarty is on my list, thanks to you. : )

    Me Before You is the best thing I've read lately. I could see you enjoying it--it's set in England.

  2. You always make me buy more books!! Going to have to remember about this post when I go hunting for reading material again

  3. Oh I love the pics and yeah for book recommendations. Sinead Moriarty is without a doubt one of my new favorites. Am going to try some of the others too.

    I have just read : 16 Years in a Thai Prison - the Vanessa Goosen story - well worth the read. And am reading Stealing Mona Lisa - which seems promising

  4. Oh and happy Birthday for today!

  5. I love Marian Keyes and we do have some James Patterson in one of your bookshelves!

    I am currently reading The Accidental Wife :) Ploughed through 2 books this past week after a visit to my second hand shop!!!

    OOOOHH and you will be very proud of me - there are 2 boxes of books going to my 2nd hand book shop at my front door! Taking them when I fetch kids later!


  6. Thanks for the book reviews...I need a few new authors. I love the boots cute and your little man caught on to your photo taking so quickly ;-)

  7. Happy birthday Marcia!

  8. Someone gave me a bag full of murder mysteries, so I'm kind of working my way through those before I buy any new books...well sort of, cause someone also gave me an early exclusive books voucher so obviously i need to go shopping with that! ;-)

  9. I've just read two Nora Roberts books which I loved - easy reading. Now I'll need to look at downloading some of the ones you have on this post - look quite interesting.

    Love those pics - where did you guys stay in Plett? Does look gorgeous!


  10. Cool pics! I only read reviews for movies - rarely for books. I'm currently busy with a Deon Meyer (Trackers) and my BF bought me This Child of mine which is next.
    Hope you had a great day.

  11. I've been reading a LOT lately..

    I just read a trilogy from an author I had never heard of and loved it- it starts with Born.
    The third came out July 15th and i was so anxious to read it.

    It might not be your style though.

    Another one I've read recently was called When I Found You-

    Another great book. I think you'd like it.


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