Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The strangest birthday ever

Today is my birthday!


Or not?

First of all, I always feel weird when someone asks "did you get spoilt?"

What does that mean?

  • Lots of presents? 
  • Did people treat you nicely?
  • Do you feel spoilt with love?
  • What?

I don't know. I probably overthink these things.

photo by D, 17 June - look what happens when you hand over the camera sometimes )

I have had the oddest birthday ever. The first time ever I wasn't able to just swan around and receive my phone calls (I sound like I have delusions of grandeur but we're a birthday phoning family) and chit-chat for a few minutes here and there throughout the morning :(

  • hundreds of facebook wishes with no time to reply properly and thank people sincerely
  • phone calls that all went to voicemail because I can't take calls in my work environment (the connectivity and who wants to talk in front of those people!). My mother persisted and got me at about 6:30. My father missed me, so did many friends, etc.
  • text messages
  • whatsup
  • emails
  • a friend that "forced" me out of the building to come have a coffee and a scone with her (I'm so glad she did)
 and i can't keep up with all of it. I feel so very blessed

The best was D and the kids.

D said he kissed the kids ONCE on their cheeks and said, "wake up, it's Mummy's birthday" and they bounced out of bed (they never bounce) and came to mine.

What a lovely way to wake up with two warm, cuddly bodies throwing themselves at you.

They sang happy birthday, gave me presents and helped me unwrap them all!

Tonight we were going to go out to eat but Connor had a bad cough this morning so we're being "wise" parents by staying in. D brought the food here though so I set the table nicely and we did candles and everything.

Kendra says, "Guys, WAIT! (first of all, GUYS!!!!) We have to sing for Mummy first" so that's what they did. Too sweet.

But in between all that sweetness there was work.


It was quite nice to be undercover today.

The project is moving too slowly so we got read the riot act yesterday by the manager and this morning I was "welcomed" to a meeting first thing with the way things will be for the rest of this month. It's all fine - it needed someone overruling the PM and exerting some focus; only thing is there are some ground rules like no sitting in the office, no email, internet, phones, ipads, etc (in other words, the things that keep me sane).

So where we're meant to sit there is no network cable and no power. I'm this close to throwing that stupid laptop out of the 6th floor window to crash in the CBD below. When am I supposed to read the millions of emails they keep sending through, and more important, when am I supposed to send my work in. It's a really complicated process we currently go through to send emails but it works... if we have the tools.

I told the PM I need to send my emails through and went to our old office to go send it to find it locked up (this is the level of micromanaging) so I just said an F word and my eyes started leaking. However, I threw my laptop into my bag and stormed out of there. Okay it was 4:20 so not bad but still.

I made it 34 days between cries! A miracle!!!

Had a good cry in the car and went to the post off ice on the way home. When I stopped the car, a song was playing on my CD. I don't know about you but with me, I will then have that song in my head the WHOLE time. It's the same song I heard when I chose my word for the year, TRUST. The one line goes "I will trust you, Lord" which is exactly what I'm doing but it's so hard.

Nevertheless, this 39-year-old is going to watch some Seinfeld with her husband on the couch :)

Thank you to all of you for your wishes today - I really do appreciate it all very much. I am blessed!!!

What's been your weirdest birthday?

Mine was my 35th one, the one when the babies were 30 days old... HELL on steroids. D and I fighting, babies screaming, craziness. I think that was the day I decided we needed a night nurse to help out.

PS D has known me for 21 years.... forever!


  1. Happy birthday Marcia. So sorry you had a rough day at work but thankful you still felt the love of family and friends.

  2. Happy Brilliant Birthday... Eeewww.... sorry about your hideous work place... yay for a long weekend on the way... lots of love from a cold wet Cape Town!!!

  3. Happy Birthday lady!
    I must have the only family that doesn't phone. Meh. The children sound adorable! I certainly could use some of that cuteness here. All the travel and lack of schedule is playing havoc in our life. I have to say that I was really hoping the work place was becoming more tolerable as mine has taken a nose dive. Maybe news soon?

  4. I'm sorry to read that you missed a lot of calls, whatsapp and emails due to your new work environment but happy to see that so many people took the time out of their day to wish you a happy birthday. Because you deserve it.

  5. Oh my word, lost my entire comment because I wasn't signed in.. bleeughhh.. anyway, I said something along the lines of you being very spoilt because to me, being spoilt is lots of phone calls, kids making a fuss and singing at LEAST twice during the day, dinner prepared for me and gifts an added bonus :)

    As for work.. you are a much better woman than I am.. that laptop would have been smashed to bits and THEN thrown out of the window by now.

  6. Aw Marce, sorry it wasn't quite what you are used to because of WORK interferring. I am super lucky that I get to have my birthday off (public holiday) so can't imagine having a less than stellar day cos of WORK.

    That said I am glad that you had so many people contact you to wish you and make you feel special. For me when I ask someone if they're being spoilt I mean are they feeling special/having a divine day. Being spoilt is in the one being spoilt's sight. If you like getting presents then I hope you get plenty. If you like having a quiet time on your special day then that's what I hope you get spoilt with and so on and so forth. Sounds like to me you were well and truly spoilt. :)

    Much love to you

    PS--> Keep on standing and trusting. That breakthru is coming! Our Father is no liar, you'll get it.


  7. The kids sound adorable :))

    Sorry about work :( It sounds horribly frustrating!!!

    (Oh and I am very proud you said the F word ;-p)

  8. Ooh, happy happy birthday! How lovely to be so lived byso many people! Are tyou planning a giant bash for next year yet???

  9. Happy, happy birthday my friend. My idea of being spoiled has nothing to do with gifts...and everything to do with time and loads of love. Just that feeling of being special. I am sure that is what you had!!!

  10. Ai, sorry you didn't have Marcialicious birthday. I have made a vow to myself to NEVER be at work on my birthday ever again. I was 2 years ago and I said NEVER again. No one remembered it was my birthday and I got dumped with so much work, I had to work late that day. The worst part is, my birthday is on the 22nd of Dec, so not really your busy time at all.

    What a sweet way to wake up to your precious babies xx

    Hate to be micromanaged, so now I just ignore it and do my own thing, waiting for them to say something...

  11. Your place of work is just wierd!!!
    But I woudl say that absolutely your family spoilt you!
    My wierdest birthday was my 21! It was the day of Chris Hani's funeral and there were riots going past my flat. I could not get out and nobody could get in. I spent it alone watching these people toi toi- ing along the N2 i Cape Town.

  12. Snort. You said the F-Word? There is just no other word like it. I do know that things must be incredibly frustrating for you to get to the point where the f-words reach your lips. I’m sorry about that.
    I LOVE Sam’s comment. And yes, I am thrilled that you had a good day, despite that ridiculous crowd that you work with.

  13. Ai, the work sounds horible but D and the babies beautiful. Hope you got my email.Ai and I try to take the day or at least the afternoon off on mine.

    Weirdest? I really can not think of one

  14. It sounds like a good birthday except for the work bits. My worst birthday ever was when I turned 23...it was really a very dark time for me, just about 6 months after my divorce and I was feeling like such a failure at life. I am very glad that I got through that in one piece, because I very nearly didn't...and I would have missed out on so much awesome that came after that.

  15. Happy Birthday! Boo that you had to work- that should be one day you take off each year :) Personal day! Sick day! Whatever!


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