Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Winter photowalk 2

On that winter list, one of my items was to take 3 winter photo walks.

Here's number 2 :)

When I drive into our street, there's an amazing tree at the intersection and I keep saying, "AAAAAAH, that TREE! So gorgeous!!!!"

So one day I arrived home a little bit earlier than normal and thought, "hmmm, what can I do in 15 minutes that's on one of my lists?"

Go on a quick walk!

I took the kids with me, literally just down the street, about 20 metres around the corner and back again.

They loved it and so did I.

see my lips on her cheek? I can't stop kissing this baby!

So this is the last month of official winter and actually, from the last weekend in August, it's usually blazing hot in Jhb.

My friend's kids always have a party then and I remember sweating every year.

A gentle reminder to enjoy the last few weeks of winter and finish up all that hot chocolate :)

What did you want to do this winter that you haven't got around to yet?


We have a public holiday on Friday and I should use it to do some baking.

PS on this day last year, it snowed in Jhb :)


  1. Wow, it's amazing what a difference locations can make! I was just musing about how nice and "cool" it is these days for Vegas - we've only been seeing temps of about 97-102 degrees F. :)

    I know it's been awhile, but I had actually begun following your blog quite some time ago. I had a different blog back then, but I have decided to start fresh here:

    I would be so grateful if you came over to follow my new blog!

    Many thanks,

  2. Yes, looking at the 7-15 day forecast of Weather 24, tells me that within 7 days we are bound to experience HOT weather. I can't wait :)
    This winter I got around in doing everything I wanted to = not much. As I do not really like doing things in the Winter. I'm like a bear which hibernates a lot.

  3. That tree is AMAZING. Your kids are super delicious! Um I didn't really have a winter to do list per say... I do still want to have ONE full on pajama day with dvd's and sloth written all over it.


  4. I really like the one with the stop sign, and the hand holding one.

    Hahaha...this winter I should have done more exercise!

  5. And then the first winter rain which in my world signals the end of winter ( sob sob).

    Too much cuteness going on in these pictures. And the tree beautiful.

    Winter I hoped to read a lot but I've only managed to finish 2 books out of 5! Pathetic

  6. Beautiful photos Marcia. Your children are both so cute.


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