Sunday, September 08, 2013

And so another week ends

I love this (unedited except for slight cropping) photo!

The bougainvillea is actually faded like the photo. It looks a bit like I feel - tired and a bit less vibrant.

This week was both good and bad:

  1. Nanny S was back on Tuesday and my house is clean again. She says she's "fine" after her dad's death but of course, she can't possibly be.
  2. I finished my first project in the new job. All that means is that on Thursday, I moved up one floor to start work on another project. The good news is this PM is a lot more direct and a lot less of a micromanager.
  3. I finished my August photos, editing and most importantly, printing. I still have one hour left to obsessively categorise and sort.
  4. It's warm in Jhb but I'm still sleeping in flannel PJs.
  5. I have probably spent R1700 on my Santa Shoeboxes this week. Actually some clothes were for my own kids so I should do a proper tally. It's never felt this good to spend lots of money. I've sorted the stuff into makeshift boxes but now the proper packing begins. I'm aiming for about 3 every week since I have to wrap the shoeboxes first (the worst part of this thing but my plastic boxes are not big enough and I don't want to shortchange the kids just because of my laziness :)).

Not so good
  1. I heard some news about me (!) at work which threw me quite a bit. That means I had some "chats" and I have to have some "conversations" this week to sort it all out. Does the drama ever end?!
  2. I went to the gynae on Friday and surprise surprise, I have not one, but TWO cysts, around 3.5 cm each. He knew this from my bloodwork which was 942.... the normal range is between 300 - 500. 
  3. "Are you stressed?" he asks. "Of course, I am". I know that when I'm stressed, this always shows up in my body (in 2011 when my website was hacked 3 times in one month) I also had a ginormous cyst on the one side. I fixed the stress and the cyst disappeared then. This time I'm doing my best to remedy that too but in the meanwhile I have to go back in 3 months.
  1. The kids are being really stroppy lately. Is this 4? They sometimes flat-out ignore us and the "I'm not your friend" is going to do my head in. I HATE IT!
  2. The lovely Mrs FF is leaving on Thursday to go have her baby in the USA. I feel very sad even though we only see each other every couple of months. Maybe it's because we email all the time? Maybe it's because it was so sudden for me? Maybe it's because I had it in my head to do some visiting and photo-taking beforehand? Maybe it's none of my business? :) When she returns she'll have to bring me some Staples stationery...together with her gorgeous, squishy baby.

For fun
  1. I decided that what I would really love is a job that pays me to have lots of meetings talking to people and communication - like write/ blog/ do social media :) Wouldn't that be lovely?
  2. On my September list, I wrote at the bottom "and a new job would be just awesome!" so let's all pray hard for that perfect job to be created just for me.
  3. We are a spicy family. Are you? 

How was your week?


  1. Thanks Marcia and of course I'll bring back staples stationery :) Just let me know what you want.

    Sorry about the cyst isn't there anything solution now I'm worried if work is affecting you this much.

    My week was a mixed bag, busy, good catch up with friends, not so surprise "surprise" baby shower, lots of cooking, laughter and some tears!
    Glad your nanny is back and yes she just might be ok, some people bounce back so soon, I don't get it though.

    Wish you a wonderful week ahead xxx

  2. I think the kids are also picking up on your tension - it does affect them!

    I had a good week :) Looking forward to our visit to Cape Town at the end of the month!

    Good luck with the cycsts!

  3. Ai honey sorry about the cysts... Praying for that job situation to sort itself out... now of course I'm SO nosy I am dying to know what you heard about yourself...

    I think Laura is right and the kids are pushing you cos they are feeling your tension and unease. Hang in there! It will all work out for your good.

    Sending you love

  4. Praying for that perfect job for you Marcia. My grand bambinos also started with the "ek issie meer jou maatjie nie" I sternly told them at Ouma's house we are all maatjies and if anyone fights they go home. That quickly ended that bit of drama. Well done on the shoeboxes.

  5. I didn't realize Nanny S's father had passed. I knew she was gone for a while, but I wasn't sure why. I sure hate to hear that. My guess is that it does feel good for her to get back into the routine and focus on something else, though. Sending hugs to her.

    You are doing a fantastic job with all the pictures!!! I am so impressed (and kinda jealous!)! Along with the Santa shoeboxes, I know that feels so good, Marcia! I am very proud of you for finding so much joy outside of your work mess.

    I am sorry to hear you didn't have a great appointment at the know I'm praying -- for so many reasons -- that you're in a better work situation soon. I know it's been affecting your emotional health for a long time, and here's one more physical manifestation. So sorry, Marcia.

    HANG IN THERE with the kiddos!!! You know we went through our challenges recently...things seemed to have leveled out. I need to blog about it, but I have augmented my disciplinary approach a bit. There's still some 1-2-3 Magic, but there's also an almost-equal amount of 5 LL at our house. Whatever it is, it's just a phase. Serenity now!!! ;)

    And Mrs. FF...coming here??? She hasn't told me that!!! When I read that last night, my mind has been spinning. I know she'll be quite a ways from Kentucky...but that's still so exciting! (And this is the first time you've mentioned the baby on here...I haven't said anything, as I didn't know if she was talking much about it online...glad to be in the open now!) :)

    Whew...lots going on...hope you have a blessed week, my friend! (And thank you for the blog post! I was missing your updates on Saturday!)

  6. Sorry that things are not well with your health. And sorry about the 4's. I think Joel is still in the 4 stage. He's actually gotten worse and we are officially looking at calling in the professionals.
    Am sure Nanny S is just happy to get into her routine. Everyone deals with their grief differently and some are more private about it than others.

    And Mrs FF? I am very sad - it was sudden. And I don't even see her! We chat every single day via various online mediums. I feel almost weird telling people that I'm going to miss someone who I've never actually met. I tried to explain it to Lance. Of course he didn't get it!

    Also. I like that job. I want it. Minus the million meetings and people in my face ALL THE TIME. The writing aspect does it for me. And we are definitely a SPICY family.

  7. Btw...I LOVE that pic. But I don't like that you feel faded and less vibrant. That last job I was in turned me into a shadow of who I used to be. I don't wish that for you so will pray hard that something works out for you ASAP.

  8. Woot! You made it through that first project, and I'm sure that there are many days where you didn't feel like you would. Hopefully the new project PM and you get on like a house on fire, and all your cysts will disappear!

    Spicy! Definitely spicy. :-)

  9. wow, so much stuff I don't really know where to start. I guess just with hang in there! I know you will work this all out and then all the other stuff will fall into place.

    I am also getting the "I am not your friend" speech regularly! URGH.


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