Friday, September 06, 2013

Bits and bobs on a Friday night

So... these are the posts you guys seem to like, bits of randomness floating round my head.

I took a picture of the laundry one day last week. This is one load...lazy style :) I hang everything on hangers, leave them out to dry but then I have to tumble dry for about 10 minutes to get things really dry before folding. I love the dry heat in Jhb - it's the one thing I hate about Ballito - and I also like to get my clothes 110% dry before folding. If I'm going to do a boring chore like folding laundry, then at least they should be nice and warm, right?

I'm so glad Nanny S was back on Tuesday - it was simply glorious coming home to a clean house. Glorious!

Also, one day last week, we took some photos in the "garden". Connor's getting even bossier, if that's possible. "Take a photo of that, Mummy" and "let's see... no, not that, THIS" But I'll do about 3 - 4 of those because then I get to take photos of him :)

This is Kendra giving me hugs. She LOVES hugs and judging from what I was wearing, this was Friday last week.

Last week Friday we went to the Maboneng District for our two colleagues' farewell. We're now a team of goal is to make that 5....

Nevertheless, we made sushi and I actually ate a few of my pieces for the first time ever. Still not a fan but it was better because I made it. I totally recognise the control freak in me, yes, ma'am I do.

It was good fun and best, it was less than 10 minutes from my house which, by Jhb standards, is AMAZING.

While waiting for the rest of them, the one colleague and I wandered around a bit and found this beautiful shop with this magnificent chair. It is ginormous - I should have got a pic in it :)

We still have to go to Arts on Main. I really think that has to go on my Summer List.

I'm slightly obsessed by these black walls. Don't they look stunning with white stuff on them?

I could do a focal wall if I were brave - alas, I don't think I'm brave enough.

Are you brave enough to do a black wall?

I realised the other day that we haven't had one of the photo challenges with 5 pics for ages. We've only done them 5 times this year.

It's too late for this weekend but let's do "looking up" for next week. Anyone keen? I'm going to get outside this weekend and play a bit :)


  1. Love the smile of warm clean clothing

  2. Love that black wall with the chopsticks! But I'm not brave enough to do that in my way! ;)

    Count me in for "Looking Up!" I read this post this afternoon and took a few shots along those lines as we were playing outside before supper. :)

    Hope you have a restful weekend, Marcia Lou!

  3. How can you not like sushi???

    I would love a black chalkboard wall - maybe one day when we move I will do it! A friend has one in her kitchen!

  4. Definitely not brave enough for that colour. But it's stunning. I love sushi especially with smoked salmon, though I'm very picky about which type I eat and where.

    YAY for photo challenge I need to go through my archives to find 5 looking up. Interestingly I thought about the challenge this week but I know you've had a lot on your plate.

    Hope you have a nice and restful weekend xxx

  5. I would love to do a black wall like that. I too love clean clothing.

  6. I love sushi but am staying away from it while pregnant. Can't be too careful! Love the pics as always


  7. I feel pretty indifferent about sushi. I'd eat it to be polite, or in a survival situation - but you'll never find me purposefully ordering it.

    I don't know if you remember denise...with the foot tattoo? Well she always does a RED wall in her kitchen. It's kind of a signature thing for her - even in rentals.

  8. I love the smell of clothing that dried in the sun. I had a terracotta wall in my only lasted a year...I am not brave enough for black.


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