Friday, September 13, 2013

Friendship Friday with the lovely Sam

Sam is the person who spoke to me at this birthday party.

Since then, she started commenting on my blog and we developed a behind-the-scenes friendship, as you do, and then we decided to meet up in June.

Well, that clearly didn't happen... July was crazy busy what with 3 out of the 4 of us having birthdays, and holidays, but finally we set a date for the very last day of August.

I must confess... it was one of the coldest days of the year and after shenanigans at the zoo that morning, the last thing my tired body wanted to do was get out in that cold.

BUT the thought of meeting up with Sam moved me and I know that I'm always fine once I'm out.

Well, we had a lovely, lovely time.

We ate pies and salad (inspired by Hayley's instagram earlier that morning - it was a tea and pie kind of day) and chatted up a storm for about 2.5 - 3 hours.

Sam is such a genuine and decent person, full of wisdom. And she listens so well you could just talk and talk :)

I managed to get the waiter to take a few pics of us to mark the occasion because let's face it - I remember better if I have a photo.

We've since decided we have to do it again soon but this time it better be warm. I didn't take off that jacket the entire time.

I was thinking I had an empty September with just the one weekend friend-date (Robyn, don't you dare cancel on me :)) and then suddenly, two invites in less than a week. Plus supper with my lovely friend Caren coming up soon.

I've put in leave for Mon 23rd (24th is a public holiday) and I'm going to our church conference both days because as you know I desperately need to hear from God - other things have gone down over the last week accompanied by lots of tears obviously but maybe, like my wise friend Louisa posted today, it's time to just be quiet. Loose lips sink ships and so on.

But enough about my woes.

How are things going in your friendship world?

Anything exciting planned for the weekend?


  1. I LOVE spending time with Sam. She's just divine!
    This weekend I plan to stay in bed. Have had a busy week and it's going to storm. I want to catch up with reading.
    My September looks good so far. Two friend dates towards the end of the month.

  2. I know the exact feeling of being SO tired at the end of the day...all you want is to put on your pj's and head to bed early...but it's always worth it to get together with friends. :)

    Things here on the friend front are pretty good. My one friend D, though (mom to the boys M&C) has gone back to work since Baby #3 was born, and her schedule is directly opposite ours. We haven't seen much of her, and I hate that. I know it will be much worse when the girls start school next year and I start work. Eek!

    Otherwise, we're focused on house stuff. I have a long list of things to accomplish this weekend / early next next weekend we should be MOVING!!!

    I hope you have a restful weekend to clear your mind, Sweet Marcia! Hugs to you!!!

  3. Nothing exciting happening. Just watched Christian play in the 101 Dalmatians in the Opera House this morning. Tomorrow lunch with Wynand and Nadia and their little family.

  4. Nice pictures of you and Sam. A good catch up is always good for the soul. Nothing planned, just sleep sleep sleep and more sleep;)

  5. I have had some super strange unleashed on me in my friendship world...I'd rather tell you in person though (it relates to the elephant but, not the lips). ;-)

  6. I think things are actually going well in my friendship world :) For me that is quite a big deal :)

  7. So very behind on blog reading but I loved our time together. Whip out your diary for October and lets make some plans :)



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