Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to do the school drop-off

This little one is getting very cute. So is her brother actually.

The other day D had an early meeting so I took them to school. I was an hour "late" but it was divine. 

I like to drive one way and D always drives another way.

I asked the kids - Babies, which way do I need to go? and Connor directed me.

You go this way, Mummy, and then there where you see orange, you go this way (showing me LEFT with his hand).

When we got to school, I opened the door on my side and he says, "Daddy doesn't let us get out this side" (the side nearest the road).

Clearly D has more rules than I do!

So I walked them through the gate and up to the building.


I started going through the door as I usually do and Kendra stopped me in my tracks.

Kendra You need to stay here and give us hugs, and then go.

Me What? I’m not allowed to come in anymore? 

Kendra No, Mummy. Stay there and then after the hugs, you go.


Cute but sad, all at the same time.

But she does like everything just so. Just like her father :)

Do your kids also have rules for you?  Are you still allowed to kiss and hug?


  1. Love that they know the rules and are enforcing them... even on Mommy! :)

  2. That's adorable!

  3. Oh we do heaps of hugs and kisses but I love how they follow the rules. Kids definitely thrive in boundaries but also if they know what to expect of every day

  4. I still get plenty of hugs and kisses, but N is in a phase where she won't actually just kiss and hug anyone else, even her beloved Ouma and Oupa.

    We do have a ritual on our school drop. We get in the car, Nicola gets to pick the song we listen to on the way to her school. We get out and walk in hand in hand. I drop off her bag and then I get loads of hugs and kisses (at least three of each!) until I pretend we're chasing the teacher to catch her. She goes to the teacher, who also gets a hug and then she's happy to start playing with whatever the other kids are playing with.

    In the afternoons, she waits where she can see me arrive. As soon as she spots the car she hightails it off the playground to go fetch her bag and I literally get the running leap and squish welcome when she gets to me.

  5. We drop and go but mine are older and our mornings now are pressed for time so its bye Cameron, love you and off he goes! Same for K :)

  6. LOVE the rules :) I don't get kisses or hugs at all... I get big crocodile tears and snot and trane! But I do get the instruction on where to park my car at drop off...


  7. Child2 is very specific about the morning routine. We park. I must open the door for him (almost like his chauffeur) and then we both walk in together. He presses the buzzer (I’m not allowed to) and he opens the gate. Then we first go and greet the bunnies. We always bring them a snack from home for breakfast. Usually a carrot to share or a piece of greenery. He pets the bunnies and says “good morning, how are you” etc. and he may even share some news with them like “bunnies, I had toast for breakfast”. Those animals LOVE him and even do tricks when he’s there!
    Once we are done with that, we walk to the classroom and we MUST greet whoever we pass. HE introduces me to people as well. Very sweet. As soon as we are inside, he hangs up his bag, shows me what he did the day before or whatever and then we look for a book to read. Once he’s made his decision then I ask him WHERE he will read – if it will be in the classroom or in the area where all the kids meet in the morning. Sometimes he’ll sit at his little table to read and other times he’ll go and read where all the other kids are. It really just depends on what kind of mood he’s having. As soon as he’s settled and ready to “read” then it’s hugs and goodbye kisses and then I leave. Our routine takes nearly 10 minutes (which I make provision for) but I quite enjoy it. Child1 on the other hand can’t wait to get out of the car. No hugs or kisses there. I drop him, he says goodbye and jumps out.

  8. We have basically NO morning routine. It's doing my head in.

  9. Mrs FF4:04 am

    Your kiddies are sticklers for rules, love it!!!

  10. That's so adorable. Kids growing up so fast.

  11. Haha! Some days I wish I could just drop and run! We have a particular routine and I hate to deviate from it because it works really well. As for saying good bye, I still get told to come to the classroom , greet the teachers, look at their work, greet each friend .. Sigh... We'll husband sits fuming in the car because I hold up the parking space!

  12. I love how their routine becomes their rules...so sweet.


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