Monday, September 30, 2013

Iphoneography indecision

So there's an iphoneography competition going on and I want to enter a few of mine but I don't even know where to start for three reasons:

1. I heard that last year, they received about twenty-something entries on day 1. This year they received hundreds. So really, who wants to look through another 5?

2. I definitely think francois_72 has some of the best iphoneography out there. Once his 5 are in, is there any hope for the rest of us? :)

3. Seriously, where to start? You all know I love sunsets, the view from work, the city, the beach........

If there were any of my iphone pics that made you think MMMMM, that's nice let me know so I can get cracking :)

Who else is entering???
How difficult was it for you?

PS statigram is not helping since my instagram photos with the most likes are really arbitrary photos I don't even really like........... :(
PPS don't look at your "lost followers" - I'm quite devastated!


  1. I think you should stop the doubt and go for it. Your photos are great and even if it isn't recognized, you got out of your comfort zone and participated. Do it!

  2. Your stuff is awesome. I say just do it. You have NOTHING to lose!


  3. I still haven't chosen mine! I'm struggling with the categories

  4. I'm trying to get motivated for a photo contest. I just can't bring myself to enter. Let me know what tips you over!

  5. unless it costs money to enter, DO IT!

  6. Go with your gut Marcia...why not just scroll through all of them and pick the ones that jump out at you when you do that.

    I can't make any recommendations, because I'm actually never sure if you've taken the photos with your phone or with your proper camera - sorry.

  7. Definitely enter- you always take the best photos!

  8. Enter! I know you want to and your photos are that good too.


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