Monday, September 02, 2013

It's a Monday thing

I tried to post last night but my iburst was giving me trouble.

Highlights and lowlights...mostly lowlights to be honest...

Have screamed at the kids and D far too much this weekend. I feel terrible. I really hope this is not all 4 is because I'm going to be a proper bad mother at the end of it. Also, how do you stay married while parenting 4-year-olds? 

After the heat of the moment, I realise I'm also stressed about the house being messy and so on.

You know those sayings on Pinterest about a clean home being less important than being with your kids? Well, an ESTJ didn't write that. A clean and tidy home is directly proportional to MY ability to relax and BE in the moment.

Anyway, back to work.

Got "spoken" to for being late today. I asked if they'd rather I took leave than being late? A bit snippy but I don't like being treated like a child!

How are you doing?
Where does a clean and tidy house rank for you?

Ps just choosing random pics on my iPad....


  1. mmm I am not anal about the house - right now it is tidy but could be cleaner but Christine comes tomorrow so I am not stressing about it!

    If my kitchen is clean I can cope BUT I can not chill in the lounge if it looks like a bomb has hit it!

    Usually on the weekends I leave it until Sunday morning and then do a quick clean up when D is out cycling. We are out most Saturdays but home Sundays so it's nicer if it is clean!

    The kitchen is a biggy for me! I battle to leave it untidy/disorganised!

  2. SOunds like they are treating you like a two year old. Seriously? Late and they moan. Just work it in. Stupid idiots. You're not 2.

    And yes, a clean home is directly proportional to me being happy!

  3. I too feel so unorganized and unhappy in a home which are messy and I too tend to get cross with everyone when this is the situation. I know where you come from.

  4. My house is going to be in a state of chaos for a few months due to the renovations and I'm scared! I'm trying to embrace it as best as I can... My work place is ANAL about time keeping - they even write the times we arrive, go out for lunch etc in a big black book... it drives me NUTS cos if the work gets done I don't understand why clockwatching has to happen to the degree it does...


  5. I love a clean and tidy house...I'm just not mad about putting in the elbow grease required to get it there. Actually my thing is more clean than tidy, but I've had to relax my standards considerably on both of those for some peace around the house. All I do now is focus on one room a day, the rest can go to hell in a hand basket until it's their turn to be clean and tidy again.

  6. I wish I could relax about the house, I get very annoyed when the house is in a mess, and with these puppies around, toys are EVERYWHERE, so I pick up every night after bedtime. Cleaning gets done once a week, get home too late to clean as well, so I try to keep it tidy during the week...

    What the heck? Urgh it drives me insane these clockwatchers!!

  7. More later...but sending you hugs, Marcia. <3

  8. My home doesn’t have to be 100% squeaky clean but there needs to be a fair amount of order. Lack of order makes me feel frazzled and spikes my anxiety and it makes my DH and I snippy with one another. Also, my kids just cope 100% better when there is order in their space.

    I hope you are feeling better this evening. ((hugs)) xx

  9. Time keeping really! That would drive me batty. As long as you get the work done who cares if you come in a little late.

    A clean and tidy house makes me a happier person.

    I suspect the screaming at D and the kids is more stress related than anything else.

    Sending you lots of hugs

  10. Please let's write about staying married!!

    I have to have a tidy house. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I can't stand to have things out and TRASH lying around. That man I'm married to seems to think its the manifestations of OCD and I shouldn't stress over it.

    So proud you snapped back. If I show up, and do my job, and don't directly affect others with my random lateness, what's the big deal? I've walked out before. I refuse to be treated like a child, as should you! Oh how I hope something changes for you. Isn't there anything else open? Even if its not perfectly suited maybe it will be better socially? Would you drop down just for your sanity?

  11. You know we've had our four-year old struggles...defiance, primarily, and some "just to get attention" behavior that drives me BATTY. For us things are 95% back to normal. We still have an occasional outburst of "NO!", but I have my sweet girls back again, thank goodness.

    I think a big part of our challenges were with the husband being home over the summer, which leads to less consistency in schedule and discipline. When he's at work, I can be very consistent, and that always helps matters.

    I don't know the details, but Nanny S has been gone, right? At least in my experience, that could contribute to changes in behavior.

    Hang in there! In any case, whatever the issues are, they are temporary. Take a timeout FOR YOURSELF (!!!), clean, tidy, and organize, and you'll feel better. :)

    Hugs again!!!

  12. lesley9:45 pm

    All the children back at school today after the LONG summer holiday, so this morning i tidied - and it stayed tidy!! YAH!

    I function so much better when the house is tidy and in order. I start getting stressed when i see stuff piled up and 'jobs' to do wherever i look.

  13. Our house is chaotic at times - but always clean - if you get the difference. I seldom finish any project immediately so things stand around all the time. And IA m ok with it.

  14. I think my house is pretty clean and tidy (full time cleaner) so that helps. On weekends I don't stress. I will clean up - or I wont. It just depends on how I feel. My gran always said "nobody died wishing they had dusted more" My mom followed that and although I am quite a bit neater than she is it is not something I stress over.

    Here I am stressing about 3's and I have still to get to the 4's..... YIKES!

    I would not cope with the micromanaging and late "talks" I need to be treated like an adult, I tend to police myself anyway.

  15. When my house is in chaos so is my yes, I need my house to be clean and orderly to be happy. I can't believe they spoke to you as if you're a junior.


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