Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I've lost a week

Wicklow, Ireland - April 2009

I was talking to D on Sunday, telling him I'd ONLY read 2 books for the month so far which feels impossible but is true.

The first book took 15 days to finish. 15 DAYS!

I said it feels like I've lost a week.

And then I did what I normally do to figure out what I was doing... I checked my photos and indeed, I have lost a week.

First photos on the big camera are a few on 7 Sept and a whole pile on the 8th.

What on earth?!

Was I crying for an entire week?

It feels very creepy to have my life pass me by... and yet I know a lot of people live like this.

This business of living without intention is not good.

Anyway, did you "feel" every day of September or did you also lose a few days this month?

PS I've now read three books. Book number 3 was read in one day - it was so fabulous it deserves its own (gushing) post :)


  1. My September isn't missing any days...couple nights though. I am soooooo tired!

  2. Sjoe September has been a whirlwind of note for me cos of the renovations and all that has been going on around it. I do feel like I'm exhausted by it all already tho but hopefully it will soon be over.


  3. That’s exactly how it feels to be depressed. And yet, when I’m in that space I’m so deep in the black hole that I don’t even realise it until I’m OK again. My September was lovely and very busy. I had something on every single night in week 2. Haven’t done much reading either – this weekend I plan to catch up.
    The most noteworthy thing about September? I hired a maid!

  4. Nothing wrong with "loosing time". Unless your life urgently depends on it, having some "dead" hours or days sometimes is great. Specially surrounded by calm people, people who enjoy let's say simple things, like quiet walks or light conversations, nature, nice music, food and other activities. When the atmosphere and the company are calm, relaxing, and away from the fuss of Internet, big noisy cities, large groups of people, and so on. I hope I am explaining myself.

    Reading this I got a feeling of urgency, like the writer is too... pushy with herself. I actually don't know how to express it, but the feeling was of stress, tension...

    Learning how to relax, feeling full with very little or even nothing but small things like a breeze of fresh air siting on an empty beach while closing your eyes and enjoying the sound of the water... those kinds of things are important. Elemental. Critical for a happy existence.

    That is my opinion. And every time I have behaved that way I have ended up so alive, but in a calm and relaxed way, not in an euphoric way.

    Difficult to explain, but really easy to experiment. ;)

  5. I was SO incredibly tired during this month. No amount of sleep helped, so I guess I lost a few days.


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