Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mostly {Wordless Wednesday} H & E party

I'm still working on being 100% okay with my 4-year-olds' funny faces in photos. I'm keeping some of them because this is four, at least around here.

MIL asked for a recent pic of the kids and I had to look hard for one of them both facing the camera. Of course they weren't smiling, which is fine with me, not so fine with her.

Anyway, the point being, I start to enjoy taking photos at parties much more when I focus on the things I like to take photos of, like some of these.

love this one!

one of the birthday girls
Kendra - might be one of my favourites! She was doing all the actions so diligently
my two :)

I love this one!

don't you just want to fetch your book and hide away?

or grab a cup of tea and read here....
this photo screams JHB at the end of winter to me!

Caren and me (this was number 3 - we had to direct her A to not take pics of the chins)
me, Roz, Caren - love this one! Notice the necklaces...

my little monkey
more joy!
not so sure about swinging anymore

when I aimed the camera at her

I call this one "the aftermath" - so glad I stopped, unloaded and got my camera out again!
Which is your favourite?


  1. Such lovely pictures. Love love love love them all. And I see we have a ballet dancer in the making ;)

  2. I love the one of C's feet (I think?) on the swing!!!

    That looks like a beautiful party! The teepees are gorgeous, too!

    And on your MIL...and I hope you don't mind me saying this...but that sounds like someone who doesn't really *know* children...who'd rather them be seeing and not heard. Sure, we'd all like The Perfect Picture, but there's just as much joy in "slice of life".

    [OK...really hoping it's OK that I comment that...feeling a little feisty this afternoon, apparently!] ;)

  3. Love them ALL. Looks like a lovely party.

  4. Looks like an awesome party! Love the venue!

  5. What a beautiful party! So many pretty things :)

    Beautiful set of photos!

    PS I am missing you - can we squeeze in a visit in September? Saturdays a bit crazy but Sundays are open!

  6. I love all of them. I think if I had to pick two tho it would be the one of D and the kids and the one of C's feet on the swing - just so carefree that shot!


  7. Love the photos, you are getting so good at capturing life!!

    As for MIL, kids who SMILE all the time for the camara are forcing it and not living life the way kids do. I love capturing kids just in their normal play, to me that means they live their little life, and you'd be surprised just how much joy you get out of a natural pic. The joy might now show on their mouths, but eyes speak much greater volumes...

    Love the venue, it looks so relaxed...

  8. I like the ones of where you caught them on the swings. So cool :)

  9. You have an eye for detail. Gorgeous photos Marcia.

  10. Oh Marcia, stunning, stunning pictures

  11. I like the joy in the swing ones, and the tippy toes one of Kendra's feet.

  12. What a gorgeous party! I'd think your MIL would love the one of D and the kids.


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