Saturday, September 28, 2013

My new study

Well now.

I showed you the kids' new bedroom so now it's time to show you my new study. Which is almost two months old but who's counting?

normally I'm not one for bits and bobs but I just love this tabletop, at least for now. It actually changes all the time.If I don't watch out, I'll soon be The Nester :)
for reading - and a space to chat

these pics were taken in winter - heater and pashmina are out
where the magic happens. But no internet magic over here. That's a birthday card from Mandy
the camera lives in that heart wicker basket
Santa Shoebox contents ready for packing - it's all packed now!
I extend that table when the kids need to write/ colour/ etc. while I'm doing my own computer stuff
the untidy corner on the right's been fixed :)
What do you think?

I love it! I love that it's smaller so I have a natural impetus to TOSS. I tossed out a ton of stuff already and I want to do some more!

Where do you blog?


  1. Looks lovely! Love the green cupboard and desk

  2. I'm green with envy. I'd love to have my own room. There's no special place for my blogging, where I find myself sitting with the laptop. I've also been using my phone a lot, especially on the long drives home.

    Embrace your inner nester! I need to find mine, this house is so sparse.

  3. I like it. Love the green.

  4. Absolutely divine! Assume you live in a 3 bedroom house and cos the twins share you have used room 3 as your space? I would LOVE a space like this all to "myself"...


  5. It's so cozy! I don't have a dedicated computer space...most of my blogging/work is done from the couch with the laptop. I have put a desk in our living room, but I'm always tempted to move it into the playroom and create more of my own little space back there. But I think I really probably use it more where it is. Who knows? I guess we'll see the next time I get a bug to rearrange!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Love the cupboard! I would LOVE one :) And the table top is so pretty - I love bits and bobs :)))

    Well done!

  7. It really looks lovely!
    I usually send the photos on into draft from home and then write the bits that go with it from work - the only quiet place I know. ;-)

  8. OH I love love the green! I have been debating painting my kitchen chairs and I'm really liking that color :)

  9. Your space looks awesome.


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