Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Photo walk 4 from my winter list

'm soooo glad I made the effort to take out my camera and go for a little walk a few weeks ago. It's always a schlep when I'm at work and there are 100s of things to do but I'm always happy I did it anyway.
This photo walk was number 4 on my winter list. I didn't even count the 2 walks we took in Plett.

Enjoy :)

this is wrong and I'm too lazy to fix. Font on top - Amelie, on bottom SF Carisa


someone said how slippery that walkway is  - true, and it reminded me I had a photo :) - I just think it's so obviously to savour the walk and the view...


spot the birds
glimpse of spring

Which is your favourite?


  1. Ah, love this.

    My fav's. The latch on the door, and the walkway with green chairs. Love the different angle on the chair pic.

    Gorgeous x

  2. Gorgeous! The door handles and the collage of pictures (mosiac tiles?) are my favorites. The link to Super Hero Photo doesn't work? have you got a link for me?


  3. That really is a lovely building - and I love the signs, hahaha!

  4. Lovely set of pictures. How you have time to get these pictures taken despite your work schedule is beyond me. The glimpse of spring tickles my fancy. Reminds me of the my fig tree

  5. I want to do a photo walk but we live in military housing so everything is the same... maybe I'll do a photo drive

  6. The walkway with the chairs.


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