Thursday, September 12, 2013

{Project 25 Recipes} Updates and recipes you MUST try

Golly gumdrops!

I checked back and my last recipe update post was for April! April!!!

Anyway, as at the end of April, I'd tried 18 new recipes.


Let me just say that the Korean beef and Jamie Oliver's (spinach) flatbread are often made around these parts. Everyone loves it.

In May, I tried 

19. cauliflower fried rice (horrible!)
20. apple bread (not great)

In June, I tried

21. lemon bars (a total hit!)
22. no-bake cookies with peanut butter, chocolate and I added pretzels
23. potatoes done like this (a hit, the 3 of us who eat potatoes like it and Connor will have at least 1 before asking for toast with peanut butter)

In July, I tried

24. cinnamon pull-apart bread
25. lemon pull-apart bread

(both divine but way too much work for me - I really like quick and easy)

In August, on the spur of the moment, I made

26. Laura's peanut butter cupcakes (I obviously did something wrong - mine were hard and no one except Connor liked them, and even he stopped after the first day)
27. Chicken and tomato casserole (D said it was okay, the kids hated it - I had to promise the kids that if they just ate their food that night, I would Never Ever make it again...)

All of those except the chicken and tomato thing are on my Pinterest cooking board ---->

So you see, it's been lean recipe-wise since April except for the lemon bars and the no- bake cookies.

This month, I've already made the apple pie from this post (28) and I made Barb's chicken divan (29)

So on Sunday we went for lunch to MIL. I felt so bad for her because the kids wouldn't eat anything except rice and carrots. Even I left the cauliflower because it was overcooked and too tasteless.

She makes a nice green beans and tomatoes stew with potatoes. Now I'm not a fan of green beans at all (we never buy them). I really only ate them when my gran used to do a stir-fry with green beans and steak strips in a soya sauce (YUM! I can still taste it). Other than that, green beans are for the birds :)

D mentioned this dish (he never learns!) and so she made this "specially for him" (and for us). Of course, the kids didn't want it and I didn't either but I took a little to show my appreciation for the effort. She told me she'd send me the recipe (!) but I had to confess that there was no way I'd be making it because D would take about 6 evenings to get through it all since I'm not keen. 

I really hate things going to waste so the other day there was a bit of broccoli left and so I quickly stir-fried it with a few chicken strips. Then on the weekend I cooked some pasta and
did a pasta with chicken dish and tossed it all together.

Well, Connor especially LOVED it. He announced that broccoli is now his favourite food.

Success as a parent right there!

So I've been maximising the broccoli thing and that's when I decided to make the chicken divan.

I've been using Barb's recipe since the babies were born. I remember cooking it for the first time one Thursday night. I know it was a Thursday because the night nanny would come on a Monday and Thursday and she was looking after the babies while I cooked.

Try it - you will not be sorry. I only use half the mayonnaise and I always buy low-fat. And the kids both ate it :) :)

By the way, I'm linking straight to the blog - there are tons of delicious recipes and crafts - she was one of my favourite bloggers for many, many years.

I want to make some of these 30-minute rolls again. I made them twice before - LOVE them. We even say "you can only have another one" (even the kids) so it's good!

Go have a look at my baking board - yes, there is a TON of apple stuff and fudge. So sue me. I love apples and fudge :)

A huge pity I can't do fudge (oh I've tried - it just NEVER sets.)

(I just made the mistake of searching for apple fudge... don't do it :))

I also want to make those lemon bars again and try a new pasta dish off my board.

So which of these recipes are you going to try next?
Anything you've tried lately that is good enough for me to try?


  1. If you read my bodybuilding blog, you will find that I posted a recipe there today which is in a muffin shape but taste more like cake and is much healthier than cake. I know how you too like to serve your kids more healthy things.
    Love the recipes you posted here and the links. Meals for my cheat days :)

  2. It is chicken tonight so I was going to try the divan but there is too much I can't eat so can't even substitute :( My family LOVE broccoli - except Cameron. We have it nearly every night :)

    I really want to try the cinnamon pull apart bread but all baking is on hold until I am back from Cape Town :)

  3. Nicola loves loves loves broccoli too! Only she won't eat it if there's any sort of sauce involves - she likes hers lightly cooked and naked. All good, I don't mind it that way either.

    I actually can't believe you don't eat green beans?!

  4. Ps! I hardly even buy potatoes, that's hoe little we actually eat it - it all starts sprouting before I can make a plan with it, so mostly we just eat potatoes at my parents. However, I saw some of the recipes in the Justin Bonello cookbook that I really want to try and they all have potatoes and leeks in, so I bought some! Maybe I'll try my hand at some of that this weekend.

  5. Ooh that potato thing looks yum... have pinned!

  6. I'm still addicted to the salads in the mason jars. I'm thinking of throwing a pot roast in the slow cooker for Sunday dinner this weekend.

  7. The chicken divan sounds divine. I will try it. I will send you a microwave fudge recipe that never flops.


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