Sunday, September 29, 2013

Retail therapy

Last night I decided to do the budget because there were too many receipts on my desk and they were driving me mad.

Do you know what I realised?

Some of that lost week was because of a really difficult conversation (at work, of course!) and me going out doing lots of (emotional) retail therapy.

However, this particular retail therapy was good for a change because I went WILD shopping for Santa Shoeboxes.

*Tip - when you're buying for 12 kids, make a spreadsheet and take a list with you to the shops.

I ended up just tossing things in (I knew I had some things from when I asked people to give me a few SS items for birthday presents) recklessly and once all the boxes were finally packed, I had lots to return. I packed all the boxes really full but still, lots.

Turns out I ended up doing 4 shopping trips because I first registered for 5 kids, then another 5 kids, and then the last 2 kids.

I decorated the last two boxes last Monday while watching The Amazing Race so we are now good to go.

Thanks again to you, Mandy, for your generous donation.

As for this coming week...

  • It's the end of Sept. I can't believe it - officially we're on the brink of the last quarter of the year!
  • On Tuesday, I'll have my 6-month anniversary in this current job which means I need to increase my prayers a lot. Sadly, my tenure will then not be the shortest as I'd hoped to set a new record ;) Next shortest tenure is 9 months!
  • Well, the wind's picked up and I believe it's going to be something like a HIGH of 17 degrees tomorrow. Yes, I'm going to freeze my butt off.

Are you looking forward to October?
How often do you budget?


  1. No thanks needed, I took too long. I'm ashamed I'm too lazy to put things together myself.
    I'm avoiding the budget right now. A certain someone may have *lost* $100 somewhere. Grrrrr. I'm excited for October and the changing of the trees. It has just started and I'm hopeful to lure the family out for some pictures. I need a really good bribe. I just got back from walking the dogs and it's currently 14 C out and I'm loving it, what do you mean cold?!

  2. wow, you're so organised - I have bought my shoeboxes and that's about it for the measly 4 boxes I am doing ;) (I buy clear plastic boxes that I decorate so that they last forever). I need to get my stuff sorted out for them soon and pack them so I'm ready for drop off.

    I budget every month. Full on spreadsheet and all ;)


  3. I budget every month - on a spreadsheet! It always looks so good on paper and then David forgets we actually don't have unlimited money *sigh*

    Our October is busy! I did the calendar last night and we are booked for October - week days with sports and weekends with friends!

    Glad your boxes are done :)

  4. I have a standing budget (I prefer the term spending plan - hehehe) and I mostly stick to that. Every week I open up the spreadsheet to see how we're coming along. It's not all that complicated though, I don't drill down to the level I think you do. I have an "In" side - salary. And on the out I've got all the standard things like rent, insurance, phone, school and so on. I have a sum for food and fuel and the food bit that makes up that lump sum is managed on my phone with my grocery list app.


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