Tuesday, September 03, 2013

September goals

I'm slacking!

I've only just written up my goals.

But wait, I don't think I told you about my birthday list.

39 things seemed a bit boring - I've done 36 things, 37 things and 38 things and I was totally ready to give it a break this year til I realised.... 40 before 40!

And of course, I then had to make my list.

I've already crossed off 4 for the year, largely due to that lovely photo printer in my study. I have lots of books on that list too - things I've always wanted to read but somehow don't. I actually have Bloom and Carry on, Warrior but at some point I'll have to just buy the rest.

One interesting thing on my list is my Santa Shoebox project. My goal is 10 boxes - I pledged 5 today and couldn't hold myself back so I was at Pep after work, shopping up a storm. It has never felt that good to spend R768 :) (about $70)

I'll pledge another 5 tomorrow just to keep me on my toes. I feel like I need to start stretching in my faith. I remember the days oh too well when I really had to trust God to even pay all the bills. The thing when you start tithing ... and prospering... is that you start trusting in yourself. And that can't happen. That's why I want to do the additional 5 and not take money out of my savings to do it, but believe and trust God to supply all these kids' needs. It's going to be awesome.

If you feel led to give a little, I promise I'll be a very faithful steward of the money and use it wisely for the boxes.

And now, the goals.

My friend, Beth, is doing a new thing with goals. Which words do you want to feel this month? And then choose some goals (I think).

Anyway, I decided to do it that way both last month and this month.

Words for the month
Steadfast. Curious

1.     TRUST God and keep praying for the job I want to have
2.    Have a good attitude and do amazing work

Fun and relaxation
3.    Read 5 books (at least 2 non-fiction)
4.    Delete 10 samples from Kindle
5.    Cook two new things from Pinterest boards
6.    10 random acts of kindness J

Health and fitness
7.    Get to gym at least 8 times to work out.
8.    Go to Weigh-Less every Saturday

9.    Two dates with D
10.  Date with each child Santa Shoebox shopping
11.   Post to K & C blog 10 times

12.  Finish August photo organising
13.  Project Life for August and photos!
14.  Print Aug photos PL, Kendra, Connor, together
15.  Play with Elevate the Ordinary 3 lessons
16.  Order more canvases

17.  Lunch with L & Z
18.  Lunch with F
19.  Lunch with the family
20. Photo walk with Louisa (Bank City?) and perhaps Hayley?
21.  Lunch with RR - Bambanani


22. Aug financials
23. Write 13 blogs
24. Write newsletter
25. Get 3 quotes for blog makeover

What's on your list for September?
Share just 3 things with me.

  PS the goals are written in my handwriting font. I don't know what I did but I can't seem to find the link for you to download it.


  1. You seen my post but I'll join you, I'm in for 2 boxes this year!

    I think I'm even praying with you for some blissful job news. I'm listing my secret, unofficial, 'don't tell the hubs' goal: buy a piece of furniture!

  2. My list isn't very long for September but I definitely want to get back to my word for the year!

    YAY for the boxes! I also started buying for mine yesterday :)))

  3. What is the font of September Goals?

    3 Things: Finalise Financials, have a beach break, going to pilates twice a week till end of term, try and cut out as much bread as possible, date night with D x

  4. Sept Goals on the photo (not the heading) x

  5. Try to cut down on bread and sugar. The emphasis on TRY. I want to feel more warm sunlight on my skin. I need to hand over the financials to the auditors this month.

  6. My only goal for this month; survive

  7. Gosh, I actually have a lot to get through this month. I made a list last week and there were like 50 items on it!
    I also did a birthday list and I printed it out too! Have done 4 items on it already.Won't be posting it. Feels like pressure!

  8. I was about to say, gosh! the font's gone really big at the bottom half of your post - hahaha, now I know I just don't have the right font. Couldn't download it here anyway. Oh well, at least it's easy to read? ;-)

    You want three September things?
    1)Must resist the urge to print out secret place procedures and give offenders and rule breakers extensive paper cuts with my print outs...in other words breathe in breathe out, let it go.
    2)I have a clutter corner in my living room that's even starting to annoy me now - must sort it out so that I can walk past there without wanting to throw a tarp over it
    3)Get some spring planting done and put up some outside solar lights


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