Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday night ramblings

The story of the missing lens cap

I seem to keep losing my lens cap.

I usually find it in the house after a day or two but the first time I didn't find it at all was after we spent the day at the Lion and Rhino park with Heather and family.

I even asked Jeanette where one buys them (any camera shop, it turns out) and was about to buy another when I had my car cleaned on the inside (it usually only needs cleaning on the inside maybe 3 - 4 times a year, usually during the rainy season) and the lens cap was right in the front. YAY!

Sadly, I lost it properly the day of my birthday lunch when I took out the camera to take photos of the food. The pics are not worth it!

I phoned the manager and even went back myself to check those cushions (yes, I did!) - no lens cap.

So today I went to Eastgate and bought one for R70. Rip-off but I had to remind myself if the lens gets messed up, it will cost FAR more than a mere R70.

I've since washi taped it and it looks very happy, all in an effort to not misplace it again!

Pottering around

Yesterday we went to gym in the morning, our new family tradition which is still being ironed out and so I've been skipping Weigh-Less and getting fatter. But yesterday I went to WL (0.8 kg up from the last up 3 weeks ago) with Connor and we met them there.

Home - pottering about, cooking, baking with kids, sorting the last of the winter clothes for K. Most are ready for a smaller girl with only a small boxful of things ready for next year. Our gardener's got a little girl who's 2.5 at the moment so she will get a lot of the things. I love it - a lot of K's clothes from this winter came from Roz's girls so we're moving them onto a 3rd wearing :)

I'm doing C's clothes tomorrow - will have to bribe him, of course.

We went to a 20th wedding celebration/ vow renewal (they have their actual anniversary on my birthday, postponed their celebration by 6 weeks to "definite" warm weather and of course, Jhb was FREEZING this weekend) last night - more on this when I post photos.


I can't fully express to you how much I love being on leave. I seriously LIVE for days off. If only I had the temperament to be a teacher and get all that leave....

We have Heritage Day on Tuesday and of course, in my view it's a sin to not take the Monday as leave. But.... it was heavy negotiation getting that day off. *sigh*

I have to run an errand or two in the morning, and then D and I are going to church!

Are you off tomorrow?
What are your plans?


  1. I have one of these on all of my lenses- so if something happens and I lose the cap or it gets scratched, it's only $5 to fix it-

  2. I am sitting at work reading this. Wish I took the day off...but then there would be nobody from management at the Mission today and on Friday we go on two weeks holiday to Plett. So counting the days. I always misplace my lens caps too...but fortunately it turns up everytime.

  3. It sucks that you lost your cap - don't you get those that are sort of attached to the camera? With a little string or something?

    I am at work...*sigh*...but on the upside, I do already (provided there are no unexpected off days till then) have enough leave for December when Nicola's school closes. I will just have to start a countdown calendar for that.

  4. I was at work today. Missed you. Sent you a long-ish email in your absence. Tomorrow I go to Church for about 3 hours, and then in the afternoon we'll hang out with the kids and probably do a braai for dinner.
    Also. Teachers do A LOT of work during the holidays. They actually don't get holiday - I promise you it's a myth! My Mom was in Dbn this weekend on school stuff. And she took stuff with her to Jhb so she could prep for next week.

  5. Glad you bought a new lens cap because as you say, a new lens is far more expensive.
    I'm off from work but shadowing trainer at gym, so no rest for me. Enjoy your off day.

  6. I am constantly losing my lens cap! These things have saved me on many occasions. :)

  7. Marcia, you get a little gadget (at the camera shops) that sticks onto the front of the lenscap and has an elastic that goes over the back part. Without that I would have lost my cap many times.

    I was on leave but it was a hectic day because work did not stop! In actual fact I wasted a day of leave.

  8. I have lost our lens cap too and need to get a new one. I will be getting the elastic thing that Cat spoke about in her comment when I buy one. I took Monday off and we cleaned and organised our cottage living space. Tuesday we had to escape the building chaos and went to a braai at friends - thank God!



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