Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The coldest day for an outing

It should have been an amazing day.

The previous Sunday we had beautiful weather which continued right up until Friday.

And then the next morning was the craziest, coldest weather ever.

My kids never moan about the weather but K was "my face is cold, my fingers are cold (through gloves), my this is cold, my that is cold" - pitiful.

But we'd RSVPd and I hate flakey people, so off we went.

unhappy camper

clearly miserable

their gloves weren't in their bags so I had to donate one to each child and both hands were in the one glove

selfie, just to prove I was actually there!
Obviously I have lots more but our company branding was EVERYWHERE so I had to choose carefully.

 Which is your favourite?


  1. I like the very first pic of Dion and Kendra. Shame Marcia, I can see she's cold.

  2. You still got some awesome shots :)

  3. I like the one just above the one where the two of them are staring out at something together - the one where she's looking down and being miserable. Still very adorable, even when suffering. ;-)

    And I also like the one of you and D.

  4. I love them all. I am also miserable when I have to go out in the cold.

  5. I love the serious Connor, something about the slight crinkle in his brow that does it for me.

    I feel compelled to send them winter ware! Poor babies!

  6. Poor babies! You can see they were really cold. You still got some amazing pictures

  7. You got awesome pictures despite the cold! I love the one with the pink boots!



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