Friday, September 27, 2013

What a week!

I'm really scratching the bottom of the barrel for some photos for this post because, remember, I lost a week.

 - bought 3 pairs of sandals this week - I will take at least one pair back. I was in Pick and Pay and they have such a lot of loveliness (including some that look exactly like the R125 pair I bought at Woolies last year... for R50). I couldn't decide which colour to get and the store was closing so I took them all :) I have since decided on the blue ones. Pics in future posts when I can be bothered to take photos.

- went to our church conference twice. It was so good to immerse myself in the Word for a change. 

 - went to gym twice this week - I walked out of the one class though because it was SUPER freezing and the instructor was having her own dance-a-thon without bothering to ... instruct. The second was a session with my old personal trainer. OH MAN, it felt so good to have some of my old normalcy back.

there's that lovely photo.

- finished working in the CBD. I will miss walking around but I will definitely not miss people dashing in front of your car even when it's green for you, traffic lights out for 6 - 8 weeks at a time, ginormous potholes for the last two weeks and most of all, having to leave at 7 in the mornings. I will also miss working with the people there (well, most of them) but mostly happy to leave that behind. Yes, still big elephant in the room but I really don't feel like speaking about it. I will do a general work post soonish.

some iphone photos I collaged and printed

- took the kids to school this morning and it was SUCH a treat for both them and me. I didn't get any nonsense about rules. In fact, C told me he had things in the classroom to show me and K was quick to jump on that bandwagon too. I loved it. This is what it's all about :)

- ran out of data on my iphone (I have a package of 350 MB a month) for the first time ever. Today actually. So I'm going to Instagram sparingly until Monday :) because I'm too cheap to pay a lot extra. I call it being sensible :)

oh, how I love water!
 - had three socials with friends (!) - Friday, Saturday and last night. I realised I'm really not happy if I'm cold. It becomes all I can think about. The Saturday one was lovely... when I focussed on the purpose of the event but really, it was very cold!

- today we went to party 1 of the weekend. I ran into a girl at the tea-making station and it was amazing how God used me to encourage her. I know this not because I'm super-spiritual but because she told me she really needed to hear what I said... right then. Yes!

So how was your week? What were one or two highlights or lowlights?

this week has been holiday club at the kids' school. Do you know what the best part of holiday club is? No art coming home!!! Am I mean?
This weekend I plan to finish at least one book (to make it 4) but hopefully two to end with my goal fully accomplished for the month.

I'm reading My One Word (amazing - and this was way before the internet scrapbooking people made it famous) and Carry on, warrior (which is feeling too much right this minute) at the moment.

What are you reading?


  1. I@m also reading Carry On, Warrior! I'm enjoying it a lot but am taking it in small doses. It's emotionally dense.

    We had a wedding today. Our children were flower girl / pageboy. YIKES. Now I'm drinking wine. The two things are related!

  2. I'm busy reading a skop skiet en donner book called Ice Station...lent to me by one of my colleagues. It's her genre and she's reading a couple of books I lent to her under mine (more fantasy than this full on shooting and violence).

    I hope you have a better time back at the mothership - even though I'll miss being able to pop out for a coffee or lunch with you here in town.

  3. I totally love Goodreads and the recommendations you send me on it

  4. I finished "And the mountains echoed" by Khaled Hosseini and still busy on the third book of the Langani Trilogy. That is pretty good for me.


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