Saturday, September 21, 2013

Totally up to date

I have to take a few minutes to just REVEL in the fact that I'm totally up to date with photo printing.

This is one of the few areas of my life that is AMAZING right now and I'm going to enjoy it :) Thanks again to the good folk at Epson. #epsonmomsrock

I literally have to print 18 photos at the end of the month which is what I need to do every month to stay current: 
  • 4 for the "baby book" which is an album for us of the babies 
  • 4 of K for her book 
  • 4 of C for his book 
  • 6 Project Life for September 

Of course there are always my projects to do - gifts for friends, etc.

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only one card of journalling for Aug PL
just photos

If you look very closely especially at "my walkway" you'll see the colour started running out. Eileen had been warning me for a few days already but I didn't see any change in the print quality until these 6.

Eileen's the printer, by the way. I always get this image of a solid, no-nonsense girl when I hear the name Eileen, and at the same time, SUPER competent.

That's exactly what the printer was like. She diligently printed HUNDREDS of photos for me without complaint and got me up to date.

I would buy one in a heartbeat IF it was a tiny bit smaller. My house is a normal size for this area - 3 bed, 2 bath - which means we don't have extra space most of the time. However, I'm thinking about it. If I had a nice shelf where Eileen could live forever.... well now, we'd have some fun, wouldn't we?

The Epson L800 really was amazing - the print quality is outstanding and is photo lab worthy. My MIL thought I'd schlepped to the mall to print a few photos for her.

In typical nerdy fashion, I started calculating how much money I saved by having the use of the printer.

I spent R650 on photo paper and printed 652 photos (coincidence :)). Even with the 30% discount I get from my normal photo lab when I print over 100 photos at a time, I still saved R1689. YES. Isn't that amazing?!

The main things were the baby books from ages 2 - 4, and the combined album for that same period. And then Plett photos, birthday photos and my weird pics album. And then I played - I printed photos for all the frames I had lying around (the frames are still laying around in my study - one thing at a time), some for the granny and great-granny, and then it was time to update my August pics and the ink finally ran out while doing Project Life :) PERFECT timing.

I will say this - I do realise that I was on such a mission precisely because I had the two-week deadline so I did nothing much during that time but sort and print photos. Most nights even instead of reading or bothersome things like cooking :)

It was all worth it, wouldn't you agree?

Do you print photos?

PS Now that I'm up to date, I don't ever want to be behind again!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      #epsonmomsrock


  1. It's so awesome that you are up to date on photos! I print at home too but I have never really done the math. I did get all my photo paper free because my mom bought me like ten huge stacks of it for the holidays. So, I'm going to assume from your math that I'm coming out ahead :)

  2. I had a photo printer for years that I never used. I always ordered them. I currently usually order just under 50 photos and pay just under $5 and they come to the house. The quality isn't spectacular but it's nice enough. I alway felt like the paper was too expensive for home printing and the ink cartridges are ridiculous. Maybe that's just here though?!

  3. Yes I print all my own photos. When I scrap I like to decide on the size of the photo when my background is just about ready. I wouldn't mind a loaner for a while.

  4. I used to print at home but the price of ink cartridges just wasn't worth it. I once bought a new printer for the price of ink!!! Now I hardly print I just keep things in electronic format

  5. Wow! That's fantastic - well done!
    Hahaha, the Eileens that I've met are none the way way you describe up here by the way. ;-)

  6. That's a phenomenal saving! I used to be good at printing but have become lazy. It's also so expensive so I only really print the GOOOOOD stuff. Have you noticed that you are always on the same side in photo's you take with people? xxx


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