Monday, September 02, 2013

Weird photos

When Heather came to visit me (!) in May, she brought me this beautiful leather album. Isn't it gorgeous?!

After thanking her, I think the words I used were, "I have plans for it" and this was my plan - to put all my weird photos in it. Almost like a coffee table book...

this windmill is going on a canvas
I'm very tempted to put that bill from the milk cafe too - you can almost feel that metal when you look at the photo

can you feel the hay?

lovvveee these colours and Heather's hand (another Heather)
I spent a long time poring over the photos to choose the "perfect" 52. Who knew I had so many "Marcia's favourites" to choose from?

I obviously didn't take pics of every page to show you but let me know and when I next see you, I'll bring it along.

I need to choose another 3 photos for canvases - I think I want that yellow fire hydrant from Charlotte, Mandys. I probably will also choose a NYC pic and make it black and white, and then one other - leaves or a beach? :)

I bought 2 Wicounts, you see, with an A4 and A3 canvas per set. D said, "please, Marsh, no more pics of the kids :)" If I do choose one of the children, it will be a mostly timeless one (backs to the camera or one where they're incidental to the other story, like that grey skies beach pic of SIL with Kendra).

Okay, enough nerdiness.

It's time for bed.

How was your Monday?


  1. Ha ha ha D is so funny! Love the album and the colour is so Marcia!

    I should check out wicount looks like they have some good deals

  2. I love the collection! Even I could get into random fire hydrant pictures like this! ;)

  3. LOL at no more pics of the kids :))

    My Monday was good. Life is good at the moment!

  4. My Monday was good but as I was full of clogginess and had a pounding headache I was mostly glad it was over by the time I went to bed ;)

    I HAVE to see your "weird" pics at our next meet up!


  5. I think you did a great job with that blue album.

  6. Oh I love that album! I think I may need to copy that idea

  7. I don't think those are weird photos ;) that's art!

  8. Nerdiness? Never! It's passion!!

    Nerdiness is spending two hours watching clips of the frat recorded motion pictures, in total silence.

    I need to print more random photos. They're not spreading beauty locked away in a fold.

  9. Totally love these random pics. What a cool idea to do a coffee table book!

  10. Terisha12:35 pm

    I am so in love with that album. Saw it on your instagram pics. You certainly do have a talent for finding beauty in ordinary things.

  11. Such a pretty colour. My favourite.

  12. Your album looks fabulous Marcia! I bet you had a real blast putting it together.


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