Wednesday, October 02, 2013

20 year anniversary

A little bit of background...

This lovely friend of mine joined the company in Feb and I joined in April a whole 8 years ago.

She'd been caretaking the job I was employed to do in addition to her other work, so she trained me a little bit in the beginning. And then about 5 years later, joined our team. (When people stay, they S T A Y!)

She's an INTP. We only have the T in common so we used to have the best debates and discussions in my old team *sigh*. I still have regular email and coffee chats with her to keep me sane. She's the one I emailed when I was crying in the loo and forgetting I was in the CBD office's toilets, went to look for me :)

Interestingly, she was also the last in-home organising client I took on. That's when I met her husband. They celebrate their anniversary on my birthday :) and it's her house we rented in Plett.

So lovely and intertwined but there it is! 

They've been married 20 years this year with 17, 14 and 11-year-old boys. She said she wanted to have a thanksgiving celebration (which morphed into a vow renewal too) because even though marriage has its ups and downs and sometimes we're all just going through the motions, they actually happen to be in a really great space at this time :)

Isn't that nice?

Onto the pics!

K & T
I used to partake of these lemons regularly :)

I love this pic of the oldest son!

Which is your favourite pic?

Our 20th anniversary is in 2015 (18 months to go!) and years ago I had this bright idea of doing a marriage renewal on the beach, all romantic and soppy, with a reception for friends and family since we had a TINY wedding.... but I'm rapidly moving towards "eloping" and going travelling instead :)

If I'm still at current company as is my heart's desire, it will be 10 years in 2015 and we get 20 extra leave days as a long service award. I can't even imagine 40 working days leave in one year. Actually, I can. Two months off sounds amazing :)

Do you have plans for your 20th anniversary?


  1. I love the idea of a vow renewal! We eloped, so maybe if we ever had one, we could have the whole reception thing so we could celebrate with friends and family.

  2. hahaha - we need to make it to the 1st one first :))))

  3. This is very special. We had initially said we would save to go on a trip to St Andrews (golfing tour) for our 10th wedding anniversary. But now we've just bought a new house and are renovating and will have a 4 month old baby in our house so that plan has been put back to our 20th Anniversary ;)


  4. I really like the pic of you and D!

  5. So special! We're still working towards 10 years of marriage over here! But I like to celebrate anything and everything so would definitely plan something special!

  6. We will be celebrating our 35 wedding anniversary next year. Gosh, I am getting old ;-)

  7. Kanyi's gorgeous. No idea what we'll do for our 20th.

  8. I love that you showed case this married couple. Me and my coach (trainer) talked about it in Aug. How so few people these days hold on to their marriages :( So 20 years are a great victory and celebration. I have 9 more year to go until that milestone :)
    I love the one of D.
    P.S - did you get my email?


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