Friday, October 04, 2013

{Fashion Friday} Infinity scarves



You're not at the wrong blog - I just feel like talking about clothes today.

Remember my great love for the snood this winter?

Well, yes, it really helped keep the back of my neck warm and added a touch that made me feel more put together.

In fact, I read on Rachel Meeks's blog, Small Notebook (do any of you read her?) about an outfit looking put together when there are 3 items. So pants and a shirt are fine, but if you add a cardigan or a jacket, it looks a million times better.

That's true and lovely and all those good things... and I really saw it with my snoods.

We're in summer here now so I'm back to black pants and a top for work. And I take a summer cardigan with me because I sit opposite a menopausal women who is hot ALL the time. Small price to pay for being back at the mothership!

Normally I'd wear pants, a tank top and a short-sleeved jacket. Of course you can't wear a cardigan over a jacket (if I'm too cold I can't think) so I've stopped wearing my normal summer "uniform" which means I feel a little underdressed.

And then I saw an infinity scarf (summer snood as far as I'm concerned) at Woolworths the other day. Grey cotton material but with silver studs. I hate studs and bling of all kind!!!!

However, now I'm thinking I need to add some of these infinity scarves to the mix.

And then I saw these lovelies. OH MY WORD, too lovely. But she doesn't ship outside of the US. So I'm thinking I should make my own (HAHAHAHA) but seriously, I'm sure Pinterest has one or two bright ideas.

Or if there are any South Africans reading who can actually sew (unlike my fantasy sewing life)... let me know!!!

Do you have one of these "summer" infinity scarves?
What do you think of the 3-item "put together thing?
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  1. I don't really do polo necks and scarves well, so no, I don't have any.

  2. I have some I never wear. They're so easy to make, I totally think you could do it.

  3. I have a Pinterest board of t-shirt crafts - pretty sure there are some easy infinity scarves there ..... The t-shirt doesn't fray, so no sewing either!

  4. I'll tell you what, the least I can do is make an exception for you in return for the great feature :-) Contact me via the store, thanks so much!!

  5. My added item is a long necklace, most of the time. skirt, blouse/top and a cardi (summer staple) and then a pretty necklace and shoes. Woolies have some gorgeous gorgeous cardi's this year, and with a little tank or fitted t, or even a pretty blouse, you're good to go. Why don't you try a different coloured pants too? White pants, stripey t and a cardi look DIVINE!

    Oh, i love love love those scarves - the tangerine chevron one - melt!

  6. All the ladies in my office have infinity scarves. They LOVE them,. Think they all went to Woollies. I don't have one and I have no plans to get one. Am not really a fan of clothing around my neck.

  7. I don't have one but now I need some.... thanks!

  8. I have several summer-weight scarves (I'm pretty hot-natured, so the light ones are about all I wear!) and one infinity scarf that I LOVE. I told my coworkers early in the summer that they would probably get tired of seeing it. I love cardigans--I actually need to order a new one or two for fall & winter--but I can't do jackets very well. They're usually uncomfortable to me. The three-things rule makes sense...everything does look a little more pulled together with a jacket, scarf, cardigan, etc.

  9. Hehehe...i think your three item thing is so cute. No, I don't follow those rules at all. I have a dress from the left system. The pants hanging furthest left in the cupboard and the blouse that's furthest left of all the blouses. Undies that happen to be on the top of that designated heap and bob's your uncle.

    Occasionally I might wear a skirt or a dress, but that's REALLy the exception more than the rule.


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