Friday, October 25, 2013

{Friendship Friday} 1.5 weeks, 3 lovely ladies

I realised I better start catching up otherwise I'll remember nothing! So I had three friend dates with 3 lovely ladies recently, all in the space of 11 days - it feels like the period was shorter though.

Caren and I decided to go to Koi one Friday night (because I said "but we always go to Doppio Zero) and we were so unimpressed by the quality of the food for those prices we decided we're not going back.

That's Chicken Pad Thai, by the way. And the lovely Caren.

Despite that.... the company was lovely and it was amazing to catch up properly again. What was freaky though was how one minute the weather was all summery and lovely, and minutes later, the wind picked up something crazy and they had to come close the windows near us. It was the end of the evening anyway, so we quickly settled the bill because we're girls and didn't want to get cold. Especially Caren in that lovely short-sleeved dress.


6 days later, Roz and I met for an early supper at........... Doppio Zero! Turns out there's a reason we always go there :)

I love early suppers because I'm home before 9 and not too knackered.

But this time, Roz's food was too oily and actually mine was too but I was too busy yapping away to properly notice. When I got home and checked the takeaway container, there was a pool of oil. Ugh. Anyway, no hassle because when I ate the leftovers, I poured all the oil off the pasta.

Again, we were chatting so much the time just flew by. It's such a blessing to spend time with good friends and be able to talk both work and kid stuff. I love our times together.

All I got a photo of was our water... :)


And then Robyn.

Robyn!!! From the first moment I first read Robyn's blog, I knew we'd get along famously.

I set a goal for Sept to meet up with her and first we were going to do Bambanani, family style.

(aside - both Robyn and Laura told me they don't love Bambanani - I'm horrified - I love it!)

Long story short, changes to her husband's job so we made this a girls night out only.

So she sends me a msg to say she's on her way to the doctor with the kids and is going to be 30 mins late. No problem as I carried on working.

Suddenly another message - "once I'm on Glenhove, which way do I go because I'm on Glenhove right now"!!!

Well, I hoofed it out of there. Glenhove is two minutes away (plus parking) from the restaurant.

She was on time and I was late.

Then another msg (she's fast with those fingers).... the doppio zero's closed. I thought she was in the wrong place but no, it was indeed closed.

The same place Roz and I were at 4 days earlier!!!

So Fishmonger it was, and it was lovely. LOVELY.

We shared deep, DEEP from our hearts. She's the only one who knows probably everything about the entire God/ job thing.

It was really lovely and I can't wait to get together with her again.

I just realised Robyn may have unconsciously fuelled my thing for the infinity scarf. I wasn't aware because of all the talking but here it is! Love that scarf.

I've been busy, it seems :)

How are you doing with friend socials at the moment?


  1. Isn't that strange that our get together had a similar weather story to you and Caren :)

    I have actually been quiet good with my friend dates - I had the lunch with you guys and coffee with another friend - may not sound like a lot but for me it is :-p

  2. Friend socials have been happening, though not as much as I'd like because this is a busy period for people with school-going kids. There are exams and and and, so it's been happening but not much. This week I had dinner with a friend which was glorious. And today I have a friend coming around.

  3. Very busy! You need this after all the work issues

  4. I have had one or two friend dates but need to organise some more once our renovations are done. All 3 of the above looked awesome (and the food at the first one looks delicious to me!)


  5. I feel like I don't get to see anyone, yet I am constantly busy seeing people. maybe it's just that time of the year where I want to crawl under a rock and hide anyway? ;-)

  6. Oh gosh, I ma seeing no one at the moment. Life is utterly crazy and it seems this is possibly last on the list

    I really love that you get to do this though because it must ease some of the unhappiness about other things

  7. So glad you got to fill your love tank.

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