Friday, October 11, 2013

{Friendship Friday} I need you

friend photos up to May - I can't believe I looked so happy then
I've had the most awful day today despite it being D's and my 21 year "going out" anniversary :)

He has been his normal steady great self BUT...

I can't share the full extent of things but some more work stuff happened.I am this close to "just leaving".

Please keep praying for me.

D says it's spiritual warfare and I'm inclined to agree because what else can it be why things are going so very wrong?!

I mean, really, in over 19 years working (yes, I'm old!), this kind of stuff has NEVER happened to me.

Thanks for praying, friends.

And J, seriously, you're the best!

Anything good happening in your world?

PS off to watch Seinfeld with my D :)


  1. I am super chuffed I am in 2 of these pictures :)))

    My friend if you drank I would come over with some wine! Instead I shall find some more washi tape on special for you? Cheap pretty things make anyone feel better!


  2. Ah my friend. Wish I lived closer to you. We could drink endless cups of tea and eat cake. And you could cry as much as you needed to.

    Good things in my world? I finally found a phone package that includes data. Do you know how scarce those things are? Was not interested in a few hundred mb because really, what must I do with that? Am finally sorting out the upgrade this week. After nearly a year!

    Hope you enjoyed your Seinfeld and that you're having a lovely weekend.

  3. I get so sad when I read this and realise that it is actually still getting worse, and not better. Makes my heart sore, because work is where you are most of the time, and being miz there is just not right.

    Congrats on yr 21 going anniversary - quite a milestone!

    Lots of love and will keep on praying ....

    Just keep praying, just keep praying (sung to the tune of Dorey singing Just keep swimming, just keep swimming from Nemo :)

  4. Leaving a comment to fill up your love tank... lots of love from a cold wet Cape Town... Hang in there and congratulations on 21 epic years!!!

  5. Congrats on 21 yrs a big milestone. Sorry about the work situation. I trust that there will light at the end of the tunnel.

    Talking of Seinfeld I went to see his standup comedy show last week. It was so good. I kept thinking of you during the show and how much you would have loved to be there

  6. Quietly chanting *do it, do it, do it*

    My Sunday off has gone to pot. I had great plans for an outdoor photo shoot, hello christmas cards! But the rain won't stop and it's just a bit too dark for a lovely gray sky. Sigh. Think of you!

  7. Like Laura, I'm thrilled I'm in those photos :)
    Crazy... I don't know what to say about work... I feel like telling you to just listen to your heart and leave, but I know that's not the sensible thing to do...

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  9. Sorry - somehow blogger posted this weird logout link? deleted it. Lots of prayers for positive change and lots of happiness

  10. You're still on my prayer list lady! xxx

  11. Yay! I also made it to the photos. :-)
    Of course I'll keep praying. Hang in there Marcia.

  12. Ugh! I hate that work is getting even worse! I'm so sorry, I wish you weren't having such a crappy time with it.

  13. Hang in there and remember that ultimately God is in control. Praying for you.

  14. Oh I remember those feelings well - battling at work...
    People not doing their share, bosses who were unreasonable and refused to listen... I wanted to "just leave" on several occasions. Waking up with a knot in my stomach because I had to go "back there", trying desperately to hold back tears of frustration and anger, loathing my colleagues and loathing myself for doing so...
    I do not miss those days.
    I will pray for you.


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