Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hypothetical future baby

A few weeks ago I was contemplating going on the ADs because of the work thing and the resultant crying thing.

Well, in church during the announcements, I was scrolling through my phone's calendar looking for a suitable time to go to the GP and get a prescription when I felt a clear NO from God... for me.

Ok, what then?

And then I got a whole download which I just wrote and wrote in my notebook.

One of those things was to do a light social media fast with no blogging or reading blogs in the evenings.

And no fiction for at least a week.


I have to force myself to read non-fiction otherwise I'd happily read fiction forever. I think that was part of it - that reading non-fiction would not take away from my Bible reading time whereas I know myself and fiction would, because I get "lost" in stories very quickly.

Part of the divine download was a very specific instruction about WHICH book to read first, so I got stuck into that one (Unglued!).

God is hilarious sometimes.

And then the next was My One Word.

Then I glanced at my Kindle and this one jumped out at me next. Hypothetical Future Baby.

 Hypothetical Future Baby; An Unsentimental Adoption Memoir

Well. I only had the Kindle sample downloaded at the time because, to be very honest, I thought the book would be too much adoption-ese.

But I started reading and I was instantly hooked. And then bought the full version.

I've linked to at least 3 of Claudia's blog posts before (the latest was how she and I do parties so differently :)) and I'm a huge, huge fan both of her and her writing, so I knew the writing would be good.

However... I've been getting more and more disillusioned with the blog-to-book phenomenon because while many of these blogs are amusing and entertaining, they just don't translate well to book form. Or an editor isn't being hard enough.

But that's me... and I'm happy to discuss via email but I don't like badmouthing authors because at least they've got off their behinds and applied themselves to Something.


Claudia's book is a real book with none of the blog-to-book awkwardness. It will totally hook you from the minute you start reading until you're done.

I started reading when I woke up on that day before the public holiday (23 Sept) and I could not put it down. Literally.

I was still in bed at 11 am reading and letting my children run wild.

And while there were adoption elements, of course, it was just so well-written that it was the story. The timing/ pace was just right - in other words, she condensed the bits that would prove excruciating when one goes through them but gives you all the detail you want at the exciting bits. Just like the movies :)

I finished the book that very same day once we got home from church.

So there's three things I want to say:

1. I'm ridiculously proud of my blog friend. She did an AMAZING job with this book. Amazing!
2. I loved, loved, loved reading all the back story - I'm a sucker for the "how we met" bits of any of my friends. Claudia and I "met" when I read a comment she left on Mo and Will's blog, and I went over to comment on hers and say "hi, I'm also a mother of boy/ girl twins" and that's how it started as these internet things do.
3. Reading the book helped me to process some more of those infertile feelings I've probably stuffed away but most of all, I just loved the solid thread of God throughout.


4. the book is very funny in that understated British way :)

I can't wait to read the next one... hopefully she's thinking about writing how they're raising their boy/ girl twins *hint hint*

What are you reading at the moment?
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
What's God been saying to you lately? (pray hard for Marcia? haha!)

PS if you want to see the books I've read/ am reading, you can follow me on Goodreads. I seriously love Goodreads as much as I used to love Google Reader :)


  1. I'm reading "The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde"

  2. Oh goodness, I saw the title of this and thought you were maybe thinking of trying for another!

    I just read Radiant Girl, about a little girl living in the Ukraine near Chernobyl when the power plant exploded. It was good! I totally prefer fiction.

  3. I totally adore Goodreads - but I think you know it. Busy with the second of the Langani trilogy (mostly). I am a terrible non fiction reader. Honestly.

    Further more I am trying to listen to God and what He is saying to me - I kwwo after a very busy few weeks I need to slow down and listen and bit (and shut my mouth a bit)

  4. Thank you so much for such a very lovely review! I'm really, really glad you liked it... (and thank you so much for saying such nice things about it not feeling 'bloggy' because phew, I worked so hard on that!)

    Have you read Gone, Girl? Fiction. I think you would love it. Can't remember if you've already written about it? GRIPPING!

  5. I also thought there might be another attempt at pregnancy when I saw the title of this post ;) I'm reading Room - its about a girl who was kidnapped and kept prisoner in a shed room for 7 years and is narrated by her son (child of her captor). Chilling.

    God told me yesterday thru our sermon at church to let go of some old past hurts and to finally completely forgive someone. It was VERY carthartic. And I've been praying VERY hard for you my dear. Your breakthru is right thru this storm... hang in there!


  6. I love reading autobiographies...and I loved Brene Brown's books.

  7. I'm glad you bought a book that you have enjoyed so much. I'm not much of a book reader but if I had to read books, then it would be fiction.
    I don't really like to talk about what God is telling me. I do see that as private but each to their own ;)


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