Monday, October 28, 2013

I was bored/ procrastinating one night...

Kendra - Jan to Sept 2013
Connor - Jan to Oct 2013
The many faces of the babies :)

In other news, none of my iphotos were selected to be displayed (I really don't mind - big problem/ small problem....). However I know Laura has TWO that were selected and Jeanette has one, so yay to them.

Are you going to the iphoneography event on Thursday? (I'm not!)


  1. I love the collage!!! It reminds me of my "A is for [Baby A]" book from Shutterfly. Such a neat page to look across all the faces of my babes. :)

  2. I did not even submit in the end. Love the collages

  3. I'm not going and I am sad that none of your photos were selected :(

  4. I don't have an I-phone so didn't even consider entering ;) Personally I think they were pretty dumb for not choosing one of yours ;)


  5. Not going, but I never do. ;-)
    These collages are beautiful!

  6. I love to see how the two have grown over this year. Gorgeous collages.

  7. I wanted to go but D had to extend his Nigeria trip so I can't go :( If my photos get sold (hold thumbs) then I won't see them on display - bit sad but one of those things!

  8. Can't decide whether I'm going to go actually... I've got SO many shoots to edit!
    Love the collages :)

  9. LOVE the collage. Of course I'm not going! Even if I took photos and had them displayed I still wouldn't go. OK. Maybe I would.

  10. I love these collages!


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