Saturday, October 05, 2013

I'm sure I owe you tons of updates

so here are five for now...

1. I feel so disorganised in my life but I'm determined to get super organised again. My whole world is brighter when things are in their place (don't laugh).

Anyway, so yesterday at about 8 pm I realised it was the 4th October and entries would be closing for the iphoneography competition.

I had to move my buns (as Marie Forleo says), make some hard decisions and submit my entries. 5 submitted - 3 scenery, 2 still life.......................

What does this tell me?

I need to work on the portraits and such with the iphone - maybe a project for next year?

2. It turns out I'm allergic to my office!

I used enough tissues to fill half a bin on Wed, had to go get some emergency meds from a colleague (!) and was off work on Thursday.

Felt awesome from lunch time but then.... at work on Friday morning, it all started up again. It's the darn aircon.

3. I bought a yellow and grey cotton snood today at Woolworths. I always say D and the kids are bad for my spending because in the space of about 20 minutes, I spent R750.

Snood and summer hat for me (polka dots if you must know :) ...I'll get D to take a pic), two summer hats for each kid - one stays at school and one for home - because you saw how big they've gotten and their heads are also big... ;) and some pjs and stokies for Connor. Do your kids wear stokies?

The lovely L sent me a link to a South African company who makes them. For two it would be R210 because they have a buy one, get one free offer.

And the Ooh Baby lady is also prepared to ship to SA :)

4. Today was the choc.olate fes.tival.....

What eventually happened was I asked my friend, C, what she spent on all the chocs because she bought them all and handed the whole lot in at one time. She said just under R250 for both kids. So I made a transfer of R300 as our donation to the fundraising. Done.

Of course the principal is still being "frosty" towards me.

If I had the emotional bandwidth, I'd deal with it but right now, I'm very busy focussing on praying and trusting to learn the lessons I need to learn so I can move onto the next thing.

5. I've just read Carry on, Warrior and it was really great. I gave it 4 stars and a nice review... for me (I'm terrible with reviews) partly because of the theology disconnect.

I'd be interested to hear if you've read it and what you thought. Reading a Goodreads review is like playing the lottery - you just don't know what you'll get. I often find myself thinking, "did we just read the same book?"

Now, part of this getting organised thing...

What do I still need to update you about?

1. review of the fantastic book I read in a day!
2. friend situations
3. latest friend meet-ups
4. vague elephant in the room update
5. holidays?
6. Mrs FF? (joke - she's keeping mum about everything :))

Any other updates?
What's going on in your world?

PS Bryan Adams will be here in January. Tickets went on sale at 9 am and ours were booked by 9:10 probably by D.


  1. i've been so out of the loop that this post was PERFECT for me! as you know, i'm feeling terribly disorganized as well and may consider a post soon. but now even THAT is overwhelming! can't wait for more updates! I'm intrigued.

  2. I had a really stressful week, so I organised my underwear drawer. Now I have matched sets in ziploc bags and things do feel much better now those things are in their place! !

  3. It's been a tough couple of days (have loads of catch-up to do around here) and I too am allergic to my office! And those menopausal women can't be without aircon which just makes it all sooooo much worse. TERRIBLE!

  4. I don't do concerts but this year I really wanted to go to Bon Jovi but we were in Zanzibar! I LOVE Bryan Adams but I will be 8 months pregnant so not likely to happen :(

    My dad's office once had a major issue with their aircon - the whole floor was sick constantly. When they checked the air con pipes it was rather unhygenic in there so they had to do a massive clean out!

    YAY for the iPhone competition :))

    Jack started school today but last week I spent the week getting organised again after CT so today I am actually at a small loss as to what to do (house is clean, I skipped gym, dinner planned etc - is it too indulgent to scrapbook until 13h00?)

  5. The only thing happening in my life is builders dust and more builders dust. Well at least that is what it feels like ;) We had Kade's first school fete over the weekend which was lovely. Still blows my mind that I get to experience stuff like this now.

    Blessed. Dusty, dirty and can't find anything but blessed ;)


  6. Non ho capito molto bene quello che devi fare ( non parlo e non scrivo americano,mi aiuto col traduttore .Scrivo dall'italia,Toscana) però ho capito che sei molto impegnata.Anche in beneficienza?

    Noi come volontariato stiamo facendo dei corsi per rendere più facile l'accoglienza per quelle persone che arrivano da lontano in cerca di una nuova vita.

    Un caro saluto,da Arianna :)

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    Best wishes, by Arianna :)

  7. I like Bryan Adams music as well :) Know you two are going to have a ball at the concert.

  8. My world is all good except for the secret place chaos obviously. One day at a time sort of thing, otherwise I just get overwhelmed by the nonsense of it all.

  9. I am going to skip the rest and just comment on the sweets - because as you know I totally agree with you on this one. Little OL's school does something that I have just found out about (how out of touch am I) each Friday instead of Bakers's Day or something like that they have a Fruit Seller day. Each kid has to bring R2 per Friday to "buy
    " a piece of fruit. The kid whose turn it is has to bring in 8 - 10 pieces of fruit which the teacher then cuts up into pieces. The child then "sells" the frut and the money goes to the school. Maybe you could suggest something like that for next time?

  10. In my world I have 100 of unread items in my reader. So forgive me if I only comment here and there okay?


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