Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's all in the eyes

We were messing around taking pictures about two weeks ago and one of the kids took this one. I think it was Kendra since the two of us are most likely to be talking lovey-dovey to one another :)

And am I imagining it or are my eyes happy here?

Normally I have fantastic weekends - I cook/ organise, do projects, play with the kids, read a lot and totally forget about work til Sunday night.

Last weekend we had friends over that we hadn't seen for 7 months so I had to tell them the whole sorry story plus other work things I haven't said on the blog. So of course, that night I had a bad work dream.

Aside - I never remember dreams and I don't think I've dreamt about work more than a couple of times over the last 18 years.

Then on Saturday we met Laura for lunch, and she asked if she was allowed to ask about "the dreaded W" and I said no but I gave her a quick round-up. Again, bad work dreams on Saturday night.

Sunday was no talking about work but I knew I had a meeting with him on Tuesday so I prepared for that (about an hour - isn't this mad?) in the afternoon which started the Sunday Night Dread.

I had a very open and really insightful meeting with ex-boss on Tues. Long story short, she told me to take back my power :)

Three of you knew about a meeting I had on Friday. I was so anxious my stomach was in knots (this is not me at all) so I asked you to pray. Thank you so much for that - the meeting was about 70% successful thanks to the two hours' prep I had to do. I didn't cry (YAY!) and I was mostly able to remain logical and coherent.

This weekend I was determined to not even think about it. It worked and we've had a great weekend.

If you're still praying, please pray for me to keep my mouth shut about everything, even "small talk".  I'm an extrovert and it's really, really hard for me.

Thank you friends!

So tell me about something fun you did on the weekend.

PS Connor and I did a photo walk which was, seriously, all kinds of fun. He even made me walk all the way down one street just to take a photo of a lamp post :)


  1. I'm so thankful you had a better weekend, Marcia. :) And I love your babies!!! You're raising 'em right, appreciating those awesome little things, just like you. Before you know it, they'll be asking to take pics of fire hydrants. ;)

    Love you, my friend!!!

  2. Comment take 2!

    Shut up and pray works a lot of times. Not for everyone but it works and I live by it a lot. All will be well in the end and I agree with your boss take back your power. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

    Gotta love your little man, has eyes for beauty like his mama dearest. Ps: is there an improvement in his school situation

  3. Always thinking of you!

    So where is this wonderful lamp post picture?

    I agree your eyes look better in that photo, but you still have the "sad ring" around them. Maybe it's just your aroura? Wishing you some cheer!

  4. I think you are tired of me and my Santa Shoebox talk but yesterday I took the kids with for 3 hours (yes they lasted 3 hours) and they packed boxes with us - Jack thought it was Christmas with the boxes of sweets and toys so I had to bribe the older 2 to keep him busy outside :)

    I agree that you need to take your power back!

  5. Take Back your power - i agree.

    And yes, keep quiet. As difficult as it is, sometimes it really is just the best thing to do.

    still praying xoxo

  6. Glad you had a great weekend. We had the best day yesterday.. got home from church, put our cozzies on and jumped in the pool, Byron put some meat on the braai, lazed under the trees all day. Just the 4 of us. It was perfect. Wish I could have bottled that moment to keep forever. xx

  7. I will keep on praying and I love that you ask for prayers because I am a strong believer that with many people praying.
    I loaded a lot of photos on Facebook of what we did the past weekend and updated my blog as well. Can imagine how difficult it is for you to keep quiet and I pray that you will be able to do this because it is the best thing now. Strongs.

  8. When you look at your kids, the sadness just kind of pushes to the background, the love you have for your kids takes over a lot.

    I must admit, we had a super busy weekend, and only this morning when the alarm went off did I realise that I didn't "get a chance" to think about work at all.

    We went to the Irene Dairy Farm yesterday and I can't really say that I was impressed...I actually said to SIL next time we are taking the little one to Bambanani, my cousins little one had so much fun a few weeks ago when we were there...

  9. Oh yes! Take you power back. And I will keep praying for you. Also to keep quiet - truly it would be super tough for me too

    We had a great social weekend with not too many expectations and lots of good vibes. It was a great weekend.

  10. Hehehe...definitely your child that one, if he makes you walk that far for a photo of a lamp post! ;-)

    Fun thing this past weekend...mmm...I takled my chaos corner. Look, it's still sort of chaos, but it's much better. Plus I now have room for the tree that has to go up in about a month's time.

    My fun things this past weekend were not so much about doing things as it was about conversations with Nicola. She is just magic at the moment. I'm getting loads of heartfelt I love you's from her and she so bloody cute. The hamster, princess Aurora, according to Nicola is her baby. So she tells Aurora stories of when she was a little hamster and tells her she has to eat her food if she wants to grow up to be a little girl and so on - hahaha!

  11. So glad you had a better weekend. I'm guessing the relief of having the Friday meeting off your back helped you relax for Saturday and Sunday. Still thinking of you and praying for your situation!

    I love your kids' photography skills! I'm still pretty much afraid to let A & M handle my big camera. Fun thing for the weekend: I shared one of my favorite Halloween movies with them, and apparently it wasn't TOO spooky. No one crawled in my bed with bad dreams last night! : )

  12. I agree, take your power back. Will continue to pray into your situation.

  13. Nothing fun this weekend. Isn't that sad? My friend was going to come over but she had to postpone. I slept a lot and read a bit and supervised Joshua studying.

  14. You definitely look happy here :)
    Ethan, Bacon and I went to the mall this weekend. That's about it. The kids have Thursday, Friday and Monday off this weekend, so hopefully we can think of something more fun.


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