Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's talk about these school photos

So we got some forms from the school talking about all the photo packages and whatnot.

Seriously, are these the prices of school photos?

Also, I'm realising I'm becoming cheap because I feel quite reluctant to pay for photos I think I'll probably not be wild about.

Jeanette, do you just suck it up and pay?

Granted, the photos taken at the school so far this year have been less than stellar.

I'm also not keen on paying for photos that look like this. In that case, I'll take them for free :)

I call this set of photos "this is 4"!

27 July
28 Sept

10 Aug

One other thing - we're asked to order our package before the photo day! I wrote a note in the school bags to say "I can't order if I haven't seen proofs". I'm sure I'm the only mother who did this!

Edited - yes, the school phoned me and told me I'm the only mother to do this and everywhere in Jhb this is how it's done!

What's the situation at your school?

What do you typically do?


  1. my first time commenting here! but I've been through this last week...we choose the background color in advance...but had to pay only after we received the package...I took 3 out the 10 sheets for each of my kids and sent back the rest..which means they will discard the sheets I did not take...and that made me sad...but I'm not paying for pictures that are not great!

  2. We don't order (can't, in fact) until we get the proofs; they're sent home, usually two to choose from, with the order form. I can understand not wanting to order/pay until you've actually seen the proofs, regardless of the way "everyone else" does it (and that makes me think of trying to convince my mother to let me stay out until midnight, because "everyone else" did! lol). I actually don't mind if the pictures are not great--I don't expect school pictures to be great artistic expressions (ha ha)--but I do want to see them first.

  3. I also wouldn't want to pay for pictures I don't like but at the same time it's all part of having school age kids.

    Though I find it hard to believe the schools really expect patents to pay before you see the pictures, just doesn't sound right. Someone is obviously getting rich from these schemes :(

    Ordering afterwards makes more sense even if they have a caveat that parents must order at least one picture.

    Ps: the last time I had school photos done during grad school you only had to pay after you got the proofs

  4. They're talking nonsense, the school has always put up a noticeboard with all the images, and then you can order.
    I don't get them anymore. I did when Brad was small and I wasn't really taking many photos.
    I am getting a set this year though, because I got Brad's Grade 0 graduation photos and it's only right that I get Connor's too. Other than that I'm always disappointed with them :)

  5. We have photo day tomorrow. I LOVED the set that we got for Joel last year. I haven't paid for anything yet. Teacher told me to let him wear whatever he's comfortable in and that he could bring a favourite teddy or something if he wanted. She told me that we would get a strip of proofs and that I could choose my package based on that. This is what they did last year too! It is quite expensive so I take the cheapest package.

  6. LOL Marcia - you have a long 12 years ahead of you my friend :))

    We don't see Cameron's but the ones from Kiara's new school I did see before ordering.

    I get them - they are not always great but I scrapbook them and usually choose the smallest package (Kiara's were R65 which I didn't think too bad). I recently did a lovely page that was 3 grades in one page and it was nice to see them together.

    You can of course take pics of them but for me its more about the memory of the school, the uniform etc - my mom has our photos up on her house and it is always fun looking how geeky we looked :) Also often the class photos are included and I like getting those too.

  7. Our pics are really well priced - for instance for A and C we paid R90 which had a class photo (A5 size) and an A4 sheet with different size photos for the price. I get them for much the same reasons Laura does - I put them in their school book with the other things. We did not see these before the time though but both were really nice. I have just ordered the sport and cultural team photos (the boys even have a rugby one - its so cute) - these get put up on a board and you choose what you want to buy at R30 a shot for an A5 pic.

    With L at the pre primary (we had photo day on Friday) they put up a set of pics on the board this Friday and you choose which ones you want (she apparently took quite a few of each kid) and the size/package you want - I have not seen the prices yet .

    What I love though is that we could order all the photos taken of the revue for R60 on a DVD and print our own.I love ideas like that.

    Hope this helps - I am wondering what is the prices are you are talking about?

  8. These photos are so adorable!!!
    We get all the proofs and we need only buy IF we want to, and most definitely only after seeing the proofs. Our school photos are so expensive. This year we paid R180 per child! I think that is ridiculous, but I bought them for the same reasons cited in the other comments.. its a momento from the "school days" ... I wish they would just do natural shots, but it's all very staged with background effects and honestly not the nicest photos..

  9. Katherine van der Walt11:03 am

    Ava is at Playschool and a very good friend, that is a photographer takes them and I even have some with her. We get to see all the proofs and then order whatever we want - prints of any size, canvases,etc. I think I posted some of the photos on facebook as they were really incredible and had a few canvases done. Zoe is at Collegiate so I think photo day is pretty manic, being such a big school. She is not very photogenic and worse so when she's had to pose. Again, we get the proofs and can order any size as well as calendars, mouse pads,etc. Last year's was horrendous so I only got one jumbo print purely for her memory book and a class photo. This year it was a little better and so I again got one for her book and one for my mom and a class photo.

  10. I have to be honest I actually love the "this is 4" shots :) We missed the school photo's this year wiht Kade having broken his leg so I'm actually not sure how they work at our school yet. Guess I will find out next year. That said if they are not too expensive I know I'll buy them no matter what cos hey it's school photo's and I never thought I'd have a kid to have crappy school photo's of so...


  11. Our school also does at least one photo day a year, some years more than one. I usually just buy the pack (+/-R100 or thereabouts). Some times the photos come out great, sometimes they don't. I keep one or two and hand the rest out to relatives.

  12. I usually hope my kids get the photos of their kids so that Ouma can also get hers. They only pay when it is sent out though and sometimes they really aren't very good.

  13. Hi everyone, the photos are R155 per child. So it's not a R30 photo I'm committing to without seeing anything first.

  14. Complimenti per i bambini,sono adorabili!!!

    In quanto alle foto,nella nostra scuola funziona così.

    Viene il fotografo a fare il servizio fotografico,poi manda i provini ,così ogni genitore può scegliere e pagare le immagini che preferisce.

    Kudos to the kids, they are adorable!

    In the pictures, in our school work that way.

    It is the photographer to do the photo shoot, then sends the samples, so every parent can choose and pay for the images they prefer.

  15. They send home the photos and we're supposed to send them back if we don't want them or money if we do. I almost always hate them.


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