Thursday, October 03, 2013

Look how these babies are growing

I had a little aha moment when I was reading "My one word" this weekend.

You know how the Bible says "behold" in a lot of verses? Well, we all know behold means look but his tweak on it was look, AND look back (review).

So today, let's behold and look at how these babies are growing.

Look at K's head and that glass pane in the door behind her...and then look where it was in the January photo! C's also grown but I feel more shocked by Kendra :)

Robyn, this is the bicycle pump


First day of school pics taken 9 Jan this year.

The rest taken 28 Sept (this Sat - how recent and up to date am I?! It's because I've got about one-sixth of the photos I normally do... on the bright side, I will soon start posting photos of the beach and such :))


  1. Wowee that's a lot of growth!

  2. The worst reality of life - kids grow up. Wish I could keep them small(ish) forever!

  3. No ways!! They grow so fast! The baby-ness is all but gone! Ooh the pump! But look how much fun he's having with it! Lol!

  4. Jack changed so much in the week we were away - I didn't notice but David did and when he pointed it out I can see how his vocab has increased and he is just "bigger"!

    Happens too fast!

    We mark all our heights on the side of a shelf in my craft room - Kiara is also shooting up!

  5. Wow, that is a whole lot of growing

  6. That's a lot of growth! We have a wall were we mark everyone's height at my parents' place. I think it might actually be time for a new Nicola mark as we speak. :-)

  7. They haven't just got taller but their whole faces have also changed! What big GORGEOUS babies. LOVE the photo of them hugging each other sooooo tightly.

  8. They are getting tall. Until when are you going to call them babies? Do they ever complain because you call them babies?

  9. So cute! I love them :)

  10. They are getting so big! I love the pics of them hugging. And I'm going to have to read that book.

  11. They just look so much more grown up in the recent pictures. It's more than just the crazy growth...FOUR is all over their faces! Such sweet cuties. : )

  12. They grew a lot. I wonder if they will be as tall as their dad?


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