Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October is here... and a family goal reached

It's getting old to keep saying how fast time is passing us by, but it really is.

That's why I feel like it's so crucial for me to be as intentional about my life as I can be. Otherwise we blink and it's October, blink again and the year is over :)

Laura once said on her blog how I'm one of the most intentional people she knows - well, Laura, that was the biggest compliment ever!

Before we get onto my October goals, how did I do for September?

Amazingly well, thanks for asking.

I got 90% done.

The things where I fall down are getting to the gym and to Weigh-less. We've started a new tradition around here - the WHOLE family is now doing Saturday morning gym.

While it's something I've dreamed of for a long time, it's actually quite a schlep getting all 4 of us up, fed (the two littles) and dressed on a Saturday morning.

Connor and I are the fastest two in the house so when it was just us, we'd be up and out quickly, get to WL, Connor would get a sticker from Maureen and then we'd go to gym.

That's why I've missed WL twice - I told myself it's more important to establish this habit but then I was getting fatter, so the past two weeks I prioritised WL again.


We will succeed!

The other thing is I didn't even LOOK at Elevate the Ordinary BUT I did 12 Santa Shoeboxes and they weren't even on my list. If I were one of my clients, I'd add 2 points for that but since it's me, I'm hard on myself :)

So, October...I'm not putting everything, just a few interesting ones :)

  1. TRUST God and keep praying not only for the job I want to have, but to survive this experience with my sanity intact  
  2. Have at least 4 exploratory conversations 
  3.  Drop off Santa Shoeboxes 
  4.  Go to work on a Saturday for jacaranda kid photos 
  5.  Play with Elevate the Ordinary 3 lessons 
  6. Lunch with K & B 
  7. Ks birthday party 
  8. Supper here for J & P 
  9.  Lunch with Laura
  10. Book a holiday! 

I ask this every month but what's on your list for October?
Top 3 only :)


  1. I am not sure whats on the list yet! Our trip to CT knocked me a bit but Jack is at his granny today so I am playing catch up! Biggest thing off the top of my head is to start to crochet :)

  2. Get two of my rose beds completely sorted and replanted - that in itself is a task and a half.
    Sort out curtains and blind for our bedroom and bathroom
    Get dean's 50th sorted.

  3. I hate to say it, but Christmas shopping for the family *sigh*
    Nicola's school concerts
    Maybe a few interviews - maybe just one ;-)

  4. I love that phrase "intentional about my life." I has really resounded with me :)

  5. I want to take the kids to the pick your own farm for apples and pumpkins (and photos, of course!)

  6. Wow on getting through your goals . Wel lwe are now off horseriding and have to be there at 8 on Saturday mornings Very early but bright. Those little family traditions is what life is about

  7. Gosh. You made me think. I have to get some sort of planning going in my life. When I read this I know just how much I fall short.


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