Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Shopping

I was never one of those people who shopped at The B.ody S.hop.

But then a hairdresser who did one of my Brazilian Blow waves told me I could buy the fancy expensive stuff OR just buy any shampoo at the Bo.dy Sh.op because their products are all sulphate-free.

I tried one bottle (R75 compared to the usual R30 – R40 I’m used to spending) and my hair was indeed “lovely”. Success! I also don’t mind paying more if the thing does work.

Only thing is along the way I seem to have gotten a bit hooked.

First they reeled me in with a big discount when I shopped there the first time and strangely (or not so strangely if you’re the paranoid type), just when I need a refill, they “very kindly” send me sale reminders or cash-back vouchers (am a BIG FAN of the cash-back voucher!).

I now use the shampoo, the curl boost and some other Brazil nut product that I use like a leave-in conditioner.

About six weeks ago, I popped in and picked up a moisturiser on a whim. When Roz and I had supper, she said how nice my skin was looking. I thought I’d done nothing new but actually I had been using this stuff for a few days.

I got my latest cash-back voucher this week and today I popped in for the cleanser that goes along with the moisturiser. Plus some more of all the other stuff I already use.

That’s how they hook you!

Interestingly though, I’m still spending less than I do at C.licks because the price of the products is still crazy expensive (for ME!) so I do consider the purchases there carefully whereas at C.licks I just toss in anything and I'm still surprised at the till when they ring up the total which is hundreds of rands.

Do you have a product you've recently started using that you LOVE?

While we’re on the subject of shopping, I’ve now had 3 incidents from the group buying places where I need to complain. Is this the end for me? 

  • I bought an iphone lens that attaches to the iphone. The magnet was so weak that when you removed the lens cap, the entire lens detached from the phone….. Da.ddy’s d.eals refunded my R199.
  • I was also refunded on some photo canvas deals before I could redeem them – apparently about 50% of the people complained about the quality. 
  • I ordered a buttercup yellow wallet months ago. Wrote to them to ask where it was a few weeks ago as it had been nearly 6 weeks… and finally this week got it. But it’s bright neon lime-green plus it looks cheap. So I’m returning it. (have just formally lodged a complaint)

And, on the flip side, have you had to return some things recently? Do you shop from Wi.count, Gr.oupon and Da.ddy's

PS this was supposed to be a 6 on Sat-type post til I realised how much i'm talking about TBS.


  1. I've really cut back on my Grou.pon spending after a horrendous B&B experience.

    Body Shop and I don't get along. I'm too cheap, and I don't use that stuff anyhow. Do you find the long you've shopped at a store, the more you spend? I think it's a comfort level thing, I know where everything is and carelessly shop!

  2. I just bought hair cut on groupon :-p I check it now and then and if it something I am going to use then I do get it but have never had any issues! Oh no wait - we had an issue with one of the places we booked on our honeymoon but Groupon were great about it and we made a plan so it was fine.

    I have heard only positive things about the body shop and D's mom bought me a kitchen tea hamper from them and I LOVED the fragrance she bought so may need to pop in.

  3. I do buy from the group buying places, but mainly restaurant deals and photobooks. Hardly ever products and such since Iike to see something before I buy it.

  4. No group buying here. Though I recently bought something off Citymob. I must REALLY want something before I go that route. I buy gifts at the body shop. For others. Never for me. Must change that. I no longer go to Clicks either. I find them expensive compared to Dischem.
    Elton used to spend LOTS on Group buying. He no longer does it - he's just been burned too many times and it's quite a story to return stuff and to complain!

  5. Group buying only use grou.pon and a couple of times I've had to request refunds especially for massages and manicures ( the service providers I've selected always never seen to have availability for weekends). Canvas I've had mostly good luck with that (though I bought one recently that I thought was a canvas but it was a mount - who knew there was a difference) and restaurant deals too. I've found some of the deals are not as fantastic as they seem when you dig deeper.

    Body shop, as gifts for others but not for me I'm not big on sweet smelling products plus I find them a bit pricey for something I'm not crazy about.

  6. I never shop on those group buying things, I never find anything I like on there anyway...

    Yay for body shop, I have never actually considered buying anything like that from them. When I think bodychop I think of fruit flavoured body butters.

  7. I am a bit old fashioned about internet shopping - but have done a few for services mostly. I think I need to look at that shampoo though - sounds great. I never shop at the Body shop - I really do not know why though

  8. I don't do shopping much. I need a friend to inspire me while shopping because I hate it so needless to say I never know what is the cool stuff in the shops and when I get to know it is usually sold out.


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