Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sunset on the way home

On the way home from friends a few weeks ago, I saw this sunset.

Usually when I see beautiful sunsets, I'm either driving or don't have a "decent" camera with me but this time, I had my big camera in the front of the car (being Jhb, it's wise to keep your things in the boot so you're not a target for smash-and-grab incidents).

And so I, in turn, gasped and snapped :)

don't you love "natural" black and white photos (with a hint of pink)?
Mandy, this one reminds me of you :)

Seriously... beautiful! I say this often but we really do have the best sunsets in Jhb. I can't explain it scientifically but at the coast, the clouds are all fuzzy and pastel-ish and up here, everything is big, bold, dramatic :)

Which is your favourite photo?


  1. Stunning sunset photos Marcia. I always don't have my camera handy when the perfect photo opportunity presents itself...and I always forget that my Samsung S4 takes good photos too.

  2. Gorgeous! Yes, that does look like mine. I only wish we had another way to enter I95 so I could get some other shot! Love it.

    Side note: I did a maternity shoot today!

  3. I am a sucker for a sunset, and I have to agree that JHB has THE best sunsets in the country - so vibrant! I read once that it's cos we've got more pollution in our atmosphere and it brings out the colours of the rays... kinda gross when you think of it that way BUT they look so doggone amazing...


  4. The 4th one is my favourite - stunning!

  5. Stunning! And I hear it's the pollution that helps to make the sunsets so pretty. A bit sad.

    1. No way! Now I'm curious, that would be horrible.

  6. Amazing colors!!! And I really love the "natural" B&W, too.

    I am SO loving seeing the sunsets at our new house! It's much more open here, so we can really enjoy them. :) :)

  7. Stunning I love them. I'm off to research the pollution angle. Though I still love the sunsets

  8. LOVE this set. Can't choose a favourite.


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