Sunday, October 13, 2013

There are 3 parts to a good weekend

Well, that's true for me.

Somehow the weekend always feels off if only two of the three elements are there:

  1. getting out and about
  2. getting things done at home
  3. relaxing both by myself and with my little family
This weekend we went to gym (I skipped Weigh-Less), D and I had a quick lunch date to Talk About Things, and then we went to a party in the crazy heat.

However, just like last year, I'm not going to complain about the heat except to say I keep forgetting how extreme heat (33 degrees) affects me.

At the party I took a Panado while we were still there and when we got home, I went to lay down and read .... before I knew it, I was out like a light.

It seems Connor is the same as I am.

I tried to feed them supper. He took about one forkful and then said, "can you please put my food away? I just want to go sleep". Poor thing.

Panado for him too (did you know they now make kiddie melt-in-the-mouth Panado - I'm a HUGE fan) and he was out like a light.

At breakfast he was much the same but managed 1 Weetbix. He usually eats at least 2 plus fruit and toast.

Off we went to church. For lunch he had about 4 spoons of fruit salad and some yoghurt and went back to sleep.

And finally at about 4 pm he emerged from his room, his normal self, eyes sparkling and slightly naughty (which I love, especially when they haven't been themselves).

When he told me exactly what he wanted for supper and asked me to please go make it NOW, I knew he was all better.

For the record, he had a ham sandwich (two slices of bread, Mummy), tomato (they still like theirs chopped up on the side), yoghurt, milk, water and juice, and a scone with blackcurrant jam.

washi tape organised last weekend

I decluttered some toys and puzzles, and when I turned my back, the kids discovered them again. So they negotiated to play with them just one more day.

I said if they want those things, that's fine but I want that big black plastic wheelie container FILLED with other things. I'm playing tough.

And last but not least, I finished a gorgeous book, Belong to me. I'm on such a good streak.

How was your weekend?


  1. ooohh love the washi tape! We had a lovely weekend :) I never left the house yesterday! I napped, watched THREE movies and just chilled!

  2. Txs for the washi tape tip - mine arrived on Tues - gorgeous!

    We had a divine weekend too. Just enough laziness, family time, social time, friend time and down time. Perfect perfect xx

  3. Gosh yes it was hot and we had extreme wind which I guess was a blessing in disguise as it did cool down things a bit. I want a very relaxed next weekend.

  4. I am glad you had an awesome weekend. Just like you and Connor, I too suffer from Heat headaches :( This is where I miss the Winter.

  5. I love the pic of you and Kendra. My weekend was OK. Mostly spent indoors except for Church. We had dodge weather around these parts. Rain and everything on Saturday!

  6. Io l'ho trascorso sistemando gli armadi per il cambio di stagione. L'estate ormai è finita,l'aria è già rinfrescata,quindi è ora di tirare fuori abiti più pesanti. Infine la domenica sera siamo usciti con degli amici a mangiarci una buona pizza!

    I've spent arranging the cabinets for the change of season. The summer is now over, the air is already cooled, so it's time to pull out heavier clothing. Finally on Sunday evening we went out with friends to eat a good pizza!

  7. The heat is why I hate summer. I have heat headaches, hay fever, dizziness , lots of sneezing and general fatigue. Give me winter and spring anyday. Weekend church and lots of down time

  8. I love the heat! Still deciding what works best for the kids though.. I complain in winter because of the obvious winter sniffles, but their allergies FLARE something terrible in summer! Must look out for Panado for kids.. x

  9. He has such a great appetite in general - he must really not have felt very good if he didn't want to eat anything.

    I think your three parts theory is spot on!


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