Sunday, October 20, 2013

Today a year ago

A year ago today we had a photo shoot.

Look at how the babies have changed.

It was a gorgeous day. Our shoot was scheduled for 11 am and we finished at midday.

I remember asking the lady if she was done for the day and it turned out she was actually travelling to our side of the world for her next shoot.

Well. That was the day we had those terrible, freak hail storms that wrecked so many homes and cars in the east of Jhb. People waited for months just to get their claims assessed. I went to that Love Languages facilitation training mid-Nov and the trainer still hadn't had an
assessor out. The companies just couldn't cope with the "catastrophe".

Anyway, today it's freezing again - a high of 15 - together with the rain, and it looks like it's going to be this way for the entire week.

The guys in CT might be used to this but we're not, and so I'm wondering what the traffic will be like tomorrow..........

In case you couldn't tell, I took those 3 photos :)

I mentioned to D today that we had a freaky cold couple of days last Oct too and here is the photo I dug up - 28 October. I only knew because I remembered these photos.

Anyway, in other news, I've booked a mini photo shoot in two week's time. I never think about these things properly until all the arrangements are done but........... I'm still 4 kg away from my goal weight, am flabby (do you think I can get my abs back in two weeks? Me neither) and have no time to book a Brazilian blowave before then! Not to mention the sad eyes :( Do you think she can take all the photos from very far away? ;)

Of course I'm all out of Ideas and Props and Colour Schemes. (I'm leaning towards grey again like with the Newtown shoot 2011, otherwise known as the day after the visit to  casualty at 1 am with twin babies in tow just before my gall bladder op)

Let's see how it goes but I want to haul the kids to my work's premises next weekend to take some photos for two reasons - 1) jacarandas and 2) in case it all goes pear-shaped... :(

Moving on.

We had a great day today and yesterday from 12 pm. The morning was so bad it was just crazy. About 6 time-outs between the two of them in 4 hours, extreme wailing and whining and I was this ready to phone Nanny S and ask her to babysit. More on that in a few weeks (I'm getting behind on the photos - reminds me of you, Louisa :)) because I actually have
photos and not just an Instagram like I did the last 3 times!

How was your weekend?


  1. Have you browsed Pinterest for outfit ideas?

  2. Never thought I'd see the day that you were also behind in photos like me! ;-)
    Don't worry about 4kgs and sad eyes or whatever is going on at the moment. Isn't the point to capture things as they are each year at this point? Then the sad eyes are part of the package. Just think, next year you'll be showing us your happy eyes and saying, "Just look at these sad eyes from last year, I'm feeling so much better now!". If you don't take the photos you won't be able to look back on them from your new point of view.

    I actually have not booked a shoot yet for this year. Other than money, I'm not exactly sure why not. I think I need to jump on this thing right away - we also usually have our round about October. I think I need to aim for a December one this time round. Actually i have a pretty good idea on how to go about doing it too.

  3. Remember that even sad times are times that we lived through. We cannot wish it away or photoshop it out of our lives. In the whole process of the journey we grow. You will be just fine with the photo shoot...I know it. PS. I need to lose 4kg too (after my holiday).

  4. Terisha8:12 am

    What a scary hail storm that was. We suffered so much damage from that storm. I think its great that you are getting a photo shoot done. That is you being intentional again. So often in life we tend to get bogged down by all the negative things happening and we stop doing things we enjoy and love. I say go for it and have fun!!!!

  5. Oh my, look how these babies have grown!!!


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