Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What else do you see?

Okay, so I have to admit -

The comments on yesterday's post that you all have been seeing my sad eyes for awhile (for months, Cat?) threw me a bit.

But more to the point, why have you not said anything?


Seriously :)

So tell me now, what else are you seeing?

PS Arianna, thanks for all your lovely comments over the past couple of weeks. Your email is disabled so I can't reply to you but your weekend sounds like it was fabulous :)


  1. Cara Marcia ( è questo il tuo nome? ) ti ringrazio per le parole gentili che mi hai riservato! Mi dispiace che tu non abbia potuto scrivermi. Ho controllato l'email: funziona! Così come funzionano i commenti nel mio blog.Sono liberi,senza "barriere".

    Non sono molto pratica di blog. Ho voluto provare a scrivere qualcosa per sentirmi di nuovo me stessa. Per i miei figli sono una mamma,per i miei alunni ( scuola materna) una maestra. Per mio marito una moglie...ho l'impressione che a nessuno interessi sapere cosa sono e penso. Così ho deciso di provare a fermare i miei pensieri, ad essere solo me stessa.

    Purtroppo non parlo e scrivo in americano ( conosco un poco di francese e latino :) ) perciò mi aiuto col traduttore. Ma Ahimè...non sempre traduce in maniera perfetta, quindi spesso non capisco bene se c'è o meno qualche problema. Mi è parso di capire che hai pianto. Non so perchè ma sono certa che riuscirai a superare qualsiasi problema.Sei così giovane e brava! Riuscirai in tutto!!!!

    Scrivo la sera,dopo il lavoro e aver sistemato le faccende di casa. L'orologio del blog quello dei commenti,funziona male.Non riescoma rimetterlo!!! ora per esempio sono le 21,05 di sera. Da te che ora sarà??

    Ti saluto con simpatia e affetto,e spero non ti dispiaccia se continuerò a seguirti.

    Ciao! da Arianna.


    Dear Marcia (this is your name? ) Thank you for the kind words you've reserved ! I'm sorry that you could not write . I checked the email : It works! So how the comments in my blog.Sono free, without "barriers" .

    They are not very practical blog. I wanted to try to write something to feel myself again . For my children are a mom, for my students (kindergarten ) a teacher . For my husband a wife ... I have the impression that no interest to know what they are and think. So I decided to try to stop my thoughts, to just be myself.

    Unfortunately I do not speak and write in American (I know a little French and Latin :)) so I help with the translator. But alas ... I do not always result in a perfect manner , so often do not quite understand whether or not there is a problem . I gather that you cried . I do not know why but I'm sure you be able to overcome any problema.Sei so young and talented ! Can you all ! !

    I write in the evenings, after work and you have set up the housework . The clock of the blog comments, works male.Non riescoma put it back ! Now for example are 21.05 in the evening. From now you will be ?

    I greet you with warmth and affection, and I hope you do not mind if I continue to follow you.

    Hello ! by Arianna .

  2. Oh my friend, they are the windows to your unhappiness. All will be fine in the end and if it's not, its not the end yet (Best exotic Marigold hotel). Love

  3. I have also noticed your overall unhappiness, not in photos, but when I see you in person. I know why though so I have not said anything. I hope the right job comes along soon, so we can have our "old" Marcia back!!!

  4. The eyes are indeed the window to your soul! They speak volumes! And as Caren said, of course we know why. Why would we make a big deal out of it.. talk about beating a (wo)man when (s)he is down! Lol, just kidding friend. xxx

  5. I see a very tired soul who has become a shadow of herself. I don’t need pictures to see your sadness. Your words (and your lack of words) also tell a story. It WILL pass. xoxo


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