Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I want to do this summer

We need a cheerier post around here, don't you think?

twins in cahoots


Things I want to do this summer (I classify summer all the way through til the end of Feb):
  1. Go on a holiday to Ballito
  2. Get a new job (we all know that's number 1, right?)
  3. Read another 6 physical books
  4. Start working out with JB again (personal trainer)
  5. Go to the dentist
  6. Fully update my LinkedIn profile (it's about 40% updated)
  7. Have a professional photo shoot
  8. Socials - Laura
  9. Just think about having Christmas here.... nah!
  10. Go to work and take photos of kids and the jacarandas
  11. Sort out school thing
  12. Somehow take ballet photos of K
  13. Sort out Christmas - SOOOO uninspired it feels like 2008, the year I boycotted Christmas because of the infertility. Now it's infertility at work. oy!
  14. Do a couple more offers to try and get closer to my income goal for the year
  15. Go on red city tour with D
What's on your list for summer or autumn?

PS thanks so much for all the feedback on the school post. We appreciate it!


  1. Get thee on the Red City tour... you will love it!!! We've done a sunset tour as a date... lovely!!! And a Cape Peninsula tour with the kids and it was totally fab!!! Totally... Do it!!! Nothing like being a tourist in your own town to feel like you have had a holiday and you really need one!!! I would love you to go and have a blast!!!

  2. I also have the Red Bus on my list - looks like a fun day out!

    We have a crazy 2 months - the summer months are always crazy sport wise because Cameron has swimming and cricket and Kiara has dance now so weekends are choc-a-bloc (so I need to move the time of our get together to a little later? - will mail you)

    Then it's CAPE TOWN FOR A MONTH!!!!!!!!

  3. I only have 2 goals for this summer.
    1. Finish and enjoy the Dryland Traverse in November
    2. Totally enjoy the fact that I will not be working!

    I suppose I should add no.3
    3. Make money out of the Medal Hangers - so that 2 can be a reality!

  4. I must post my list but I do know that Red Bus will feature. Also beach swims.

  5. Top on my list, do at least one photo book. And a very close second do my usual 5 to 10 km walks every weekend

  6. Ugh Christmas! I am so unprepared to even go into the whole holiday season! I'm usually super gung-ho about Halloween and I haven't even gotten there yet.

  7. I have one big goal. To survive Christmas. Seriously! It is crazy busy during December at the Mission.


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