Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - everyday moments

Julia, you were right on the money in the last post - it's also what I'm not saying :0

Anyway, I made the big mistake tonight of putting Bl.oom on my Goodreads as I'm currently reading it and happened to click through to a review.

And read most of 148 comments.

I feel ill at the hate. Jeepers.

I will post more when I'm done.

But for now, here are some everyday moments :)

some Project Life cards from the Turquoise range. I must be the only one that gets bored halfway through? I needed some vibrant colour again instead of the muted Seafoam colours
this is exactly what my desk looks like when I'm "busy" - diary, nail polish, pencil bag and a few bits and bobs.
found this in a corner and resurrected it. I love it!
bedside table which has since been tidied. CDs from car - can you see Billy Joel right at the bottom? It's time to change it out!
A little beaded ring I bought in Australia in...2004!
wearing that nail polish above. It's called Pilates Hottie by Essie and I bought it in NYC at my favourite Duane Reede :)
I need to get to bed but my perf.ormance app.raisal happens tomorrow from 9 - 10.30.

Please pray for these 3 things:

  1. me not to cry or freak out
  2. my brain to stay calm and clear-thinking
  3. courage to state my case (I'm a shell of myself, people)
Thank you!

Now, let me know in the comments how I can pray for you.


  1. LOVE that frame, powerful words to live by. In Jesus name I pray for supernatural emotional strength, supernatural wisdom in your words and a calmness of spirit for you this morning xxx Let us know how it goes.

  2. I have the courage thing covered for you but I know you do too :))

    PS I much prefer scrapping the bright pages than the pastel shades!

  3. Hope it went well!

    I have 2 PL ranges and hundreds of freebies - I have to change it every week!

  4. Is Bloom that Kelle Hampton book? Why would people hate her? She's so lovely!
    Praying for you LOTS my friend. I suppose you can pray for me. I have LOTS of stuff though. Shall I send you a list?


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