Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - K's party

I can't tell you how much the kids were looking forward to this party.

Even "I want to carry the present"

No, ME!!!!

No, Connor, K's in MY class.

Dear Lord! #thisisfour

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this party because it was at home, such a rarity these days. There's just such a different vibe compared to a venue. A lot crazier but such fun.

This was the third at-home party in about 3 weeks and I must say, it convinced me. Next year we're definitely having ours at home. It will be cosy, crazy but much more my style!

pic by Connor

Connor's new smile!

Your favourite photo? 

Mine is the second last one of Connor's serious face.

PS my actual favourite is one I took of the birthday boy.
PPS pray for me tomorrow afternoon - there is a 360 segment to the proceedings and I'm dreading it.


  1. I like the very first pic of K. Stunning. Will pray.

  2. Have just prayed for you . Love the last hands - gosh, there is still some baby in those hands - do you see it? Sadly mine are all skinny hands now.

    BTW where did you buy those nice wide rim hats?

  3. Awww Cat is right.. only looked at that pic properly when she said it.. BABY HANDS! Love! All these pics are adorable. I love 4 years old :)

  4. I like the second one with them together wearing the hats, and I love the photo of you!

  5. Praying for you! You know it will all be ok right? Whatever happens, it's going to be ok and so will YOU. (((HUGS)))

    I love the photo of K giggling while C chomps his fizzer (?). I also really like the one of you.


  6. I love the hats!!!

    I cannot imagine having another at-home party, though...not for a few years, anyway. Little kids make such a mess, and I am not a fan. ;)

    I hope your meeting went OK. Always thinking of you, Marcia...

  7. I love the hats...and I love the photo of YOU. I also prefer having the parties at children are welcome to use my house as a venue.


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