Saturday, November 09, 2013

A different view of the same thing

Lynette posted the other day about how she had to really try to take different pics of the same holiday spot as they've been going there for years and years.

I must say, I haven't really tried to get different Ballito photos - we'll be doing year 3 in January. YAY - can't wait! There's something else I can't wait for more though ;)

I can see that my photography improves each year and that's good enough for me. Next year I plan to get even more SUPER fabulous photos :)

Anyway, I thought last week of how I literally can't just walk by my walkway.... and especially not if I have a camera with me, even if just my iphone. I tried to take slighly different photos on this particular day.

When we were heading to a session, this was what the sky looked like.
An hour and a half later, after the rains. All crisp and gorgeous.
Black and white... timeless
MandyE, this is for you and I to sit and chat.
Aaah, jacarandas

So that's a different view of my usual photos.

What do you think?
Do you try to take different photos of the same things you normally see?

(there's a life lesson in there but I'm too tired to focus on it :))


  1. I'm enjoying a midday cup of coffee right now...and I'll just pretend to be propped up with you. :) You know I LOVE that veranda and those chairs!!! <3

  2. I never get tired of seeing the veranda and chairs.

  3. That walkway makes me literally salivate!


  4. What a beautiful view!! I love the gorgeous jacarandas!

  5. I will never get tired of pictures of that walkway and those gorgeous arches and chairs.

  6. Daisy5:51 pm

    Please!!!! More Jacaranda pics!!! I am from Pretoria, but very far away now, and the thing I miss most visually is the spectacular views of purple in October/November :) Thank you for this visual treat!


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