Friday, November 29, 2013

A glimpse of hope and a pop of colour

The thing I alluded to a few days ago has happened.

The boss has a new job in the company starting 1 Feb.

I'm shell-shocked. Happy but shell-shocked.

I remember two years ago when my other boss told us he was moving to another dept I cried non-stop for a full day, and then every time I thought of him leaving. Amazing the difference.

I'm feeling quietly hopeful but I can't relax yet because I still need to be on my guard.

The way I'm feeling reminded me of this series of photos - just a pop of colour amidst the black and white.

The yellow thing is my snood (infinity scarf). I'm wearing a grey one in t-shirt material today and I asked for one on my Christmas list at work. We're going to be out of the office for the whole day - hopefully it will be fun but I'm taking my Kindle in case I need to escape a bit.

What's on your list this weekend?

PS I have to do a few things to finish off November well :)


  1. Love the photos. Enjoy the weekend. I have a photo shoot at an event tonight. My first one :)

  2. Yay! For the boss thing. :-)
    Hopefully the new one will be a better fit.

  3. I am letting out a sigh of relief. Now I can delete an e-mail that has been sitting in my drafts this past week. I dreaded sending it to you xxx

  4. PHEW!!!!! So so so happy for you. Now that I have a new boss, I don't cry at work ever. I really, truly hope it's going to be just the same for you. Thrilled for you!

  5. Onwards and upwards my friend. Hoping that the colour will come back into your life ASAP. xx

  6. Oh, and my weekend includes admin (outside of my house - hate hate hate) and two socials tomorrow. This is what happens when you say yes to everything without first checking and writing up your calendar.

  7. Yeehaa!

    So excited. All fingers and toes are crossed :)

    Totally love the last pic x

  8. I'm just trying to survive my work weekend. Monday can't come soon enough for me.

    Make sure you assert the REAL you when this new boss shows. I have everything crossed that this works out better for you. Even if it just becomes tolerable.

  9. Hoping that's the answer for you!

  10. Woo! I hope this will change lots of things for you.

    Addison is looking at these pictures with me and she says, "Kendra is such a pretty name. She looks so nice." : )

  11. Really hopeful for you.

  12. That does sound like a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, but it's not just the boss? Or am I wrong? The team is an issue too? Or can you deal with that?

  13. Sounds like a break in the clouds for sure. I also thought the team was an issue BUT I suppose most of them were also taking their cues from the boss? We'll chat more about it on the 15th :)



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