Monday, November 25, 2013

{Create} Washi tape Christmas cards

Laura tagged me on Facebook the other day. When I clicked through I saw these super easy cards. 

Now something you don't know is that my Connor LOVES to gather branches. He's always bringing me branches and in fact, my step outside the front door has a whole stack  he's brought home :)

Very sweet boy when he's not acting like Four.

I needed to cook and the kids were being a bit rambunctious. Suddenly I remembered that thing and within a minute, we were creating.

I did one and then I told them to make their own ones too.

They're so easy we'll definitely be making more.

A craft with 3 supplies is a winner!

I don't believe in complicating life but if you want to distract your children and you have some cardboard and washi tape lying around, let them have at it.

The craft will work with any washi tape - it doesn't have to be "Christmas" colours. I plan to make cute ones in all colours!

Thank goodness I put down those packs of cards at Cli.cks :)

What do you think?

Too rustic for you? Or do you like them?

I think the imperfection is part of the charm.


  1. Super cute! I saw you making them on Instagram. I think T would love making these, and I have enough washi to last a lifetime! You could also use twine, yarn or lollipop sticks for the tree part, I think?

  2. Ooh...I love it! I reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. <3

  3. I love it :) Going to do it with my niece and Kiara when we are at my moms place!

  4. I totally love them! Am going to get the kids to make some too

  5. Love it! Thanks for the idea. *steals* ;-)

  6. Great idea to get little ones involved.


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