Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Everyday moments

Thank you for understanding this craziness I'm going through. All I can say is, 2014 is going to be amazing, right?

I've been doing lots of work on myself (self-coaching, if you will) - analysing all my past and current job to find threads throughout of what I like, what I hate, what makes me grow, what hampers me, etc, etc.

I won't bore you all senseless but a BIG thread has been variety - I love to have a variety of people I deal with on a daily basis - internal depts, external businesses, end customers, and others (if I added specific examples, you'd know my industry). I also love having a variety of tasks, like agreements, marketing material, some systems, product design, deal structuring, etc.

Things I hated? (surprise, surprise) - not having enough freedom to execute or the flexibility to structure my own life.

I feel like I need to do another one of those one-week social media fasts. I need a breakthrough, right now!

In the meantime, here are some random photos from my folders. Enjoy!

Messy desk - I do believe my calendar is still showing 21 October! :)
this child is so precious! She is a gift from God with her words of affirmation for me daily. She told me the other day she's blessed to have me and D as her parents! (4 going on 34!)
do you do this with your creams, or do you just toss? I can't bring myself to throw it out before I've had every little bit out of the tube!
Bedside table about a week ago. Sam, that's your journal right on the bottom :)
Louisa, a reminder for you and me both! I like the way my hair looks there!
my infinity scarf
aaah, elevating the ordinary
I'm sure I haven't worn these for at least two years - not sure why because I do really like them. Suppose I like the navy ones better?


  1. Hehe I think you would fit in where I work ;)
    The lack of structure may frustrate you though...
    Hope you find something for 2014!

  2. Praying for breakthrough RIGHT NOW!!!

    ps: sent you a whatsapp days ago, does yours not work??

  3. Breakthrough...yip, need one of those too - but you need yours most I think.
    What have you done to that cream? Snipped it open? I have never done that - I get annoyed it the stuff won't come out or when it starts wheezing at me or spluttering...that's usually when I chuck it in the bin and open the next one.

  4. I learnt something new today about how to make my creams go further - didn't even know you could do that! Love that you're using the journal :)

    This too shall pass my friend. I wish I knew when and how but I do know it will pass. Hang tight - remember it is always darkest before the dawn - your breakthru will come.


  5. I am so sure 2014 will be better for you (and for me). And I love to see my little Trust doodle there - makes my heart all warm and fuzzy to know you still have it there regardless of all. Keep trusting

  6. Keep trusting Marcia. It is always the darkest just before dawn.


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