Thursday, November 07, 2013

Fun in the pool and 5 things

So, I should write properly instead of only what's top of mind.

We have done star charts as some of you know - it was getting a bit stale so we stopped for a long time because they were getting their 5 stars but we felt their behaviour was perhaps "bad" for that day.

Anyhow, let's talk about their 5 things in the kitchen.

After they finish a meal, this is what we expect them to do. I even wrote it out on a project life card so all of us (D, Nanny S and me) are on the same page.

  1. Say thank you for a lovely breakfast/ snack/ lunch/ supper
  2. Take your dishes to the sink
  3. Wipe your placemat
  4. Push your chair in neatly
  5. Wash your hands
Basically, they are very good with the manners but there was always something that I had to remind them of, and I actually can't stand messy surfaces (shoot me!) so I'm training them.

Connor is very good at tidying up (even when I don't ask). To be honest, sometimes he wants to tidy my drawers that are already tidy!!! Freaks me out! I really don't like people messing with my organising :) He often says, "it's okay Kendra, I'll tidy the table" if he can see she wants to do other things. This is very rarely reversed but she is good at calming him down if he's about to have a frothy!

I still sometimes say, "Kendra, WHY is Connor so cross?" and she'll say "he's cross because ____________"

It's VERY cute!

I have no idea what was going on
Couldn't resist
um, what?
sweet little girl
kisses from daddy

I'm sure you have some meal-time things too, you just don't call it "5 things".

Tell me what they are...


  1. Ours also have to take their plates etc away, push chairs in etc no placemats - I am old fashioned with table cloths. Then they have to feed the dogs before they do something else.

  2. Very cute photos - hehehe, love that Kendra explains Connor to you at times.

    Nicola has to take out the plates and cutlery before dinner, and she has to take her own dishes to the sink after. Sometimes she even helps me wash up. I don't actively encourage it because there really isn't enough space and I have to redo it all anyway, but if she offers then I always let her.

  3. Do you have a pool?

    The kids have alternate days and if it is Kiara's day today she must clear the table, wipe place mats, pack (and unpack if needed) the dishwasher and do a general tidy of the kitchen.

  4. Please tell me you guys actually get in the water! I have a bit of a rule about them actually being in the water if we have to be in the pool, if I have to get dressed-you have to get wet! I even tossed most of the floaties to discourage floating around.

    I love this 5 things business. We have the same rules, only I wipe the table because everyone else in this family seems to leave behind traces of their meal. Sigh. Our ladies also set the table and we sub in discussing our day for meal compliments, I love the discussion. (Side note: must break the hubs of bring his phone to the table!) There are many night I'd be hard pressed to find anyone complimenting my meals!

  5. Marcia, you have beautiful, well-behaved babies. :) :)

    Our mealtimes are pretty tame. My main rule these days is that no one eats until we all sit down...that's helping my sanity! The girls are usually good about saying "Thank you for the nice meal, Mommy," and/or telling me what they like about their meal. The ask, "May I be excused please?" when we're done.

    My A loves to help take things to the table...which is usually OK...but I don't encourage them to help me clear the table. We're using all glassware - plates and glasses - and the thought of that slamming not-so-carefully against the granite countertops is scary!

  6. I love seeing summer photos. Your kiddies are so sweet.

  7. They wash hands and set the table. After dinner I insist that they ask if they can be excused (lol, I just think this is very cute, my dad made us do this all the years) They clear their dishes and throw the yoghurt container in the bin. Chairs NEVER get pushed in because their hands are full of dishes and they promise to come back and NEVER do!


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